Financial Allocation

apa 2017 give now buttonOver 50 ministries, services and programs across the diocese, as well as diocesan level administrative costs are funded through the Annual Pastoral Appeal (APA). Diocesan pastoral ministries and services focus on strengthening our faith, our families, and building up our parish communities by engaging our people in the daily life of the Church as they strive to live as faithful disciples of Christ.

The goal for APA 2017 totals $11.85 million out of the $15 million total diocesan operating expenses for 2016-2017.  The difference between the operating budget and APA goal is made up by revenue generated through bequests, donations, grants, and investment income.

The breakdown of the diocesan operating expenses is as follows:

Clergy, Religious, Vocations & Seminarian Formation & Education – $3 million (22.3%)

17767205876_6a180bee69_zVocations Office, Seminarian Education and Support Costs, Vicar for Priest Personnel, Vicar for Religious, Graduate Study for Priests, Clergy Care, Permanent Diaconate Program, Ordinations and Celebrations




Catholic Formation & Education – $3.3 million (22.3%)

February 7, 2015 - Diocesan RCIA Institute. Photo credit: Carmen Cayon.

Subsidies to Diocesan Schools, Office of Catholic Schools and Centers, Campus Ministry, Youth Ministry Office, Boy Scout & Girl Scout Office,  Special Diocesan Schools, Office of Faith Formation, Tuition Assistance Grants




Social Services & Outreach – $1.7 million (10.6%)

February 7, 2015 - Over 20 people attended a Ministries of Mercy morning retreat to reflect on global hunger and the Catholic response. The retreat, hosted at Espiritu Santo Parish in Safety Harbor, led into a hands-on event of packing meals for Burkina Faso, which is said to be the third poorest country in the world. 150 parishioners from Espiritu Santo participated in the packing event. Catholic Relief Services (CRS)' Helping Hands program sends food and provides long-term solutions to approximately 27 million different institutions and organizations in Burkina Faso. More volunteers joined us for the food-packing event. At the end of the day, 15,000 meals were packaged for our brothers and sisters in Burkino Faso! To learn how to hold a CRS Helping Hands food-packing event in your parish, contact Sabrina Burton Shultz with the Office of Life Ministry at or at 727-344-1611.

Annual grant to Catholic Charities of the Diocese of St. Petersburg and Ministries of Mercy, Prison Ministry, Life Ministry





Parishes, Schools & Diocesan Services – $6.88 million (46.5%)

9-1-15onsite.3 (2)Office of Stewardship and Development, Construction Management Office, Parish and School Accounting Office, Insurance Office, Employee Benefits Office, Human Resources Office, Legal Services, Real Estate Planning, Campaign Processing Office, Administration & Temporal Affair Offices (Office of the Bishop, Vicar General, Chancellor, Secretary for Administration, Secretary for Christian Services, Finance and Accounting Offices, Campaign Processing Office, Human Resources Offices, Real Estate Maintenance, Legal and Audit Services, National Quotas, Debt Retirement, Safe Environment Training Program)




For more information about our diocesan ministries and services covered through the Annual Pastoral Appeal, please click here to download our brochure.  You can also download our 2016-2017 Financial Allocation Breakdown here.