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APA 2019 Materials Available for Download

February 20, 2019 – New materials are ready and available to spread the Good News about the 2019 Annual Pastoral Appeal, BE COURAGEOUS Live the Gospel through the Annual Pastoral Appeal!

Digital materials are available now for download by clicking here. Digital promotional items include:

  • Leadership Resource Manual (English) – contains materials to help prepare for in-pew education and solicitation including samples of pulpit announcements, bulletin announcements, calendar activities and prayers of the faithful.
  • Bulletin announcements (English and Spanish)
  • Prayers of the Faithful (English and Spanish)
  • Sample Commitment Weekend Presentation
  • Activity Calendar
  • Diocesan Speaker List
  • Graphics including the 2019 promotional logo,  “click here to donate
  • 2019 Video
  • Posters (English and Spanish)
  • Bilingual brochure
  • Prayer Cards (English and Spanish)

As new digital materials become available, they will be loaded onto the APA 2019 resource page and sent out through the APA Messenger.  Don’t forget to check back often for new items and ideas!

2018 Annual Report Published

January 9, 2019 – Last year, our generous donors provided almost $10 million in support of our diocesan ministries and services through the Annual Pastoral Appeal. In addition, gifts were made to support special projects through the Forward in Faith Campaign. Just as each person must be accountable, the Church must also be accountable to its donors for the gifts provided, and show how those gifts were utilized to impact lives for Christ.

Click here to view the online version of the 2018 Annual Report, download the print version, and view our ministry clips.