September 27, 2016 – The 2016 Annual Pastoral Appeal is heading into the final stretch and the timing is perfect for a parish level “GO FOR THE GOAL” push.  Why is the timing perfect?  One week ago, the Diocese completed a follow-up mailing to historical donors who had not yet committed.  Reinforcing that message in Mass and through the parish level communication venues can inspire not only historical donors to join the effort, but also new donors to help us “Open the Doors to Mercy” for thousands across our 5 county area.

Two new bulletin inserts have been developed to match the mailing design.   Both inserts highlight some of the diocesan level ministries and those we serve through APA donations as well as provide parish progress to date, offer thanks to those who have participated so far, and ask all who haven’t to consider a gift.  One option provides a pledge/gift form at the bottom, while the other focuses on prayer. If you would like to download either of these new inserts, please click here.

There are many other materials available added to the resource page over the summer which can be combined successfully with these new pieces.  Have you used one of the ministry mini videos, or seen some of the new ministry snapshots available?  Have you added a county by county insert into your bulletin to highlight the ministries at work in your area? Have you asked a diocesan ministry director to present at Masses to provide a closer look at the more than 50 offices focused on ministry, programs and services to reach out in mercy?  Take a look at all the materials available here.

As always, we are here to help!  To discuss the new ideas and make plans for APA in your parish, please contact the Office of Stewardship and Development for more information.