Ceremonies with Bishop Parkes

If you are preparing to welcome Bishop Parkes as the main celebrant at a liturgy, please read the following guidelines and follow the instructions below:

1 – Guidelines have been prepared by the Office for Worship of the Diocese of St. Petersburg to assist in planning a liturgy at which Bishop Parkes will be present.  This guide provides answers for questions like, “Do we need extra altar servers? (Yes) How many (2)” “Do we use different readings for Confirmation? (No)”.  This document can be downloaded in a PDF format here: Liturgical Guidelines

2 – A month prior to Bishop Parkes’ attendance at a Liturgical Ceremony we request that you complete and return via e-mail an Episcopal Ceremonies Information Sheet.  This will assist us in ensuring that Bishop’s visit to your parish, school, or community goes well. Download document on word format here:  Episcopal Ceremonies Sheet.

3 – Additional preparations for Confirmations when the Bishop attends: Celebrating Confirmation with the Bishop.