The Black Catholic Commission was established in 2011 in the Diocese of St. Petersburg for the purpose of supporting the Bishop in providing spiritual, cultural, and social nourishment to Catholics of African descent, thereby facilitating their enrichment within the diocese and encouraging them to participate more fully in the life and activities of the Church.

Our Purpose

• To serve as a vehicle to provide spiritual, cultural and social nourishment for Catholics of African descent.

• To promote active involvement in church ministry, religious vocation and leadership among Black Catholics.

• To encourage and support those who minister in the Black Catholic community.

• To implement programs which respond to the needs of Black Catholics and the broader Black community, such as the National Black Catholic Pastoral Plan.

• To encourage and develop Black leadership within the Catholic diocese.

• To act as an agency for community concerns of Blacks.

• To maintain contact and communication with local and national groups which have similar goals.

• To keep the Black Catholic Community up to date on materials and programs and workshops and other local, state and national events as they relate to the broader Catholic Community.

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