The Diocesan Finance Council is a required consultative body of members, in accordance with canons 492-493. The council assists the Bishop by preparing an annual budget for the diocese, along with an annual financial report, detailing diocesan income and expenditures. Both clergy and laity comprise the membership of the council.

Current listing of the membership:

  • Most Reverend Gregory L. Parkes
  • Michael Carrere
  • Gerald. P. Giglia, CPA
  • Chau H. Duong, CPA
  • Rev. Richard Jankowski
  • Christopher E. McDonnell
  • Rev. Msgr. Robert Morris, V.G.
  • Frank V. Murphy, III
  • Rev. Msgr. Joseph Pellegrino
  • Laura E. Prather
  • Thomas R. Moriarty, CPA
  • Chris Schellman, CPA


  • Phil Signore
  • Stephanie Boyle
  • Valerie Gervais