Mission and Functions

In order to provide a safe and effective environment for worship and ministry, the Bishop utilizes the Office of Construction to oversee all major construction projects and maintenance processes affecting facilities within the diocese. The office assists parishes and diocesan centers in the design and construction of new buildings, additions, remodelings, and renovations, as well as maintaining those facilities to provide safe, comfortable, efficient and aesthetically pleasing physical environment.


1. Guide parishes and diocesan centers through the construction process.
2. Select design professionals and contractors
3. Oversee design and construction.
4. Assure safety and compliance with all applicable codes and laws.
5. Assure good stewardship of parish and diocesan resources.
6. Act as liaison between the design team and various diocesan offices to assure agreement with diocesan policies
7. Oversee maintenance activities


The Office of Construction is accountable to the Secretary for Administration.