Serving the Poor

Courageously Serving Our Brothers & Sisters

We believe that we serve Christ by serving others. Therefore…

  • Each deanery will launch a Catholic Impact Initiative that addresses one local community issue and mobilizes cross-parish creativity to establish desired outcomes. Initiate implementation by December 31, 2019.
    • Goal Update: Click here to read about the deanery efforts for Courageously Living the Gospel.
  • The Diocese will establish 8 – 10 new locations of affordable housing facilities for families and/or singles managed by Catholic Charities throughout the Diocese by the end of 2021

The Diocese of St. Petersburg has area experts that can help parishes with achieving their goals. We are here to support you! Please contact one of our area experts listed below.

Catholic Impact Initiative
Dean Liaison
Fr. Michael Muhr or 727-344-1611
Catholic Impact Initiative
Catholic Charities & Needs Assessment
Frank Murphy or 727-344-1611

WATCH VIDEOS below of Bishop Gregory Parkes answering questions about goal 1 & 2 during a radio interview with Spirit FM.

goal 1 from Diocese of St. Petersburg on Vimeo.

goal 2 from Diocese of St. Petersburg on Vimeo.