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The Office of the Diaconate Diocese of St. Petersburg, Florida

Rev. Ralph J. Argentino, Director

Here you will find the latest news and information pertaining to the Deacons and the Office of the Diaconate here in our Diocese. Be sure to check back often for updates.

The Diaconate Office is a diocesan office of the Bishop committed to serving the diverse needs of the local diaconate community. The Primary purpose is to provide for the support and supervision of the Deacon’s ministerial life in the local church, and the formation of permanent Deacons. The office offers guidance to deacons in their ministry, provides assistance for their continuing formation and spiritual growth, supports individual deacons and their families, and encourages and promotes the diaconate community. In addition, it also provides an approval process for deacons moving into the diocese who apply for faculties and a parish assignment. The office plans and supervises the diaconate formation program, identifies and screens applicants, evaluates their individual formation, assists in developing a foundation for their individual ministries, accepts candidates, and then presents them to the Bishop for ordination.