WBVM 90.5 Spirit FM

General Description:  With a spirit of evangelization and joy, the announcer is to be an effective on-air representative of WBVM 90.5 FM Inc., its affiliates, and the Catholic Diocese of St. Petersburg. As Digital Media Producer, the employee shall execute the creation of all aspects of social media and web site production/design including creative production concepts, short video recording and editing and distribution in consultation and collaboration with station management and team.  The employee shall work with Underwriting, Promotion and Programming in building an effective brand for the station, listeners, and stakeholders. 

Essential Functions:


  • Work assigned air shift from start to conclusion of allotted time;
  • Announce and log public service announcements, promotional announcements, weather, music and other general information with clarity and precision; interview guests and other community leaders.
  • Possess good working knowledge of the on-air board, digital/analog recording and playback systems and telephone systems;
  • To have working knowledge of production room and ability to create prerecorded on-air announcements, programs, for play at a later date;
  • Participate in station sponsored promotional events with good working knowledge of remote broadcast set up including PA systems, mixer, microphones and recording gear;
  • Participate and emcee station sponsored event, events of the Diocese of St. Petersburg, its ministries and churches; 
  • Coordinate with engineer in logging accurate transmitter readings and knowledge of how to operate the remote transmitter, Emergency Alert System, and other broadcast equipment in compliance with Federal Communications Commission guidelines;
  • Other duties as assigned.

Some of the qualities of the announcer are proper enunciation, energy, consistency and dependability, adaptability to situations, and attention to detail.  We are a Catholic institution and applicant should be knowledgeable of the Catholic faith and comfortable working within the framework of the Catholic church and willing to share the faith. The individual must be an authentic on-air representative who understands and supports the mission of WBVM 90.5 FM Inc. and the Diocese of St. Petersburg.

          Digital Media Producer:

  • Coordinate with Program Director and team for all digital media production activities of WBVM 90.5 including video, photo, and digital social media promotional pieces including A/V recording, editing, and distributing view on all platforms;
  • Expert knowledge and skill in video mixing and editing with precision;
  • Knowledge of industry trends in digital media production and emerging platforms; 
  • Assist in maintaining relationships with all offices, departments, churches and schools affiliated with the Diocese of St. Petersburg;
  • Assist in maintaining relationships with other non-Catholic organizations including other non-profits, churches, schools and service agencies;
  • Assist in recording promotional announcements for upcoming events;
  • Assist in copywriting and PSA writing/management;
  • Assist in planning and coordination of live remote promotional events including concerts, parish visits, and other station events;
  • Assist Spirit FM management team in planning and organizing fund-raisers for Spirit FM;
  • Other duties as they arise.

The Digital Media Producer must have a clear vision of the goals and mission of WBVM and the Diocese of St. Petersburg. The individual must be able to work independently and creatively to maximize the sound and promotional value of station, clientele and ministries associated with the station and diocese.

Working Conditions:

Mostly office setting, although occasionally outdoors on live remote.  Professional attire regarding Pastoral Center policies required.  Occasional lifting required (typically under 35 pounds).  Must be able to read, write, and type proficiently. Must have reliable means of transportation as part of the duties of the announcer may include outside office visits.

Qualities and Skills:

High School Diploma with some business or internship experience; a successful track record of broadcasting and creative social media production experience.  Prefer:  Bachelor’s degree with three or more years of experience in radio and/or television production and announcing.  Ability to work independently and be available when called upon.  The Production Director must be creative, self-motivated, and organized.  Microsoft Word, Excel, Adobe Suite products and other graphic software are necessary. 

Candidate must successfully pass a Level II FBI Background Screening and complete Safe Environment Training.

Qualified candidates, please click here to apply.