Resurrection Catholic Church, Riverview

The Coordinator of the Ministry of Worship and the Arts is an integral member of the parish staff with experience in and sensitivity to: the celebration of Catholic liturgy and human rituals; the Catholic liturgical music including traditional hymns, contemporary hymns and praise music; training as an instrumentalist and singer; the understanding of the arts and the humanities as a vehicle of the New Evangelization, remembering that “the Beautiful leads to the Good, which in turn leads to the True.  This ministry provides leadership and formation in the planning, execution, and celebration of parish liturgies and takes the lead in the incorporation of beauty in vehicles of parish communication.

Responsibilities and Tasks


  • Collaborates with the Pastor/Parochial Administrator, under his supervision, with other members of the parish staff, integrating his or her own area of responsibility with the overall parish endeavor. 
  • Supervises all part-time liturgy-related staff and “outside vendors.”
  • Collaborates with volunteer liturgical music ministers.
  • Participates in the Parish Liturgy Committee. 
  • Represents the staff as a member of the Dynamic Parish Implementation Team.
  • Prepares and manages the worship budget in collaboration with the Pastor/Parochial Administrator. 
  • Oversees the provision of proper licensing for the uses of copy written materials needed in worship. 
  • Collaborates with the heads of other ministries to provide assistance and or consultation for their worship responsibilities – on campus and away on retreat.  
  • Collaborates with the heads of other ministries in implementing formation through the humanities into various ministerial expressions. 
  • Oversees the incorporation of the arts into the missionary disciple formation of the parish community through concert series, incorporation of the religiously appropriate work of parish and local artists, incorporation of classic art and humanities formation in forms of parish communication such as the bulletin, the website, and flock notes.


  • Discern parish worship and prayer needs and oversee the provision of quality liturgical celebrations and sacramental services. 
  • Joins with others to develop the liturgical spirit of the parish and foster an atmosphere of hospitality and harmony. 
  • Serves as leader of prayer in group formation sessions, when appropriate.
  • Leads worship (instrumental, vocal, and choral) at the two Sunday masses in English, Thursday Holy Hour, monthly youth Holy Hour, monthly First Friday Holy Hour.
  • Oversees those responsible for leading worship at the other two Sunday masses, functioning as a vehicle of communication, collaboration and unity.


Educates members of the assembly and provides input for parish organizations in matters of liturgical understanding and the importance of the humanities in the formation of missionary disciples. 

  • Invites, form and supports parishioner in sharing their musical talents in worship, whether instrumental, vocal, or technical. 
  • Provides information about opportunities for growth, including diocesan workshops and programs.
  • Keeps abreast of developments in sacramental theology, the requirements of Canon Law, liturgical practices nationally, diocesan policies and guidelines, and updates the parish on these matters.

Pastoral Service

  • Is visibly present to maintain parish groups, attends principle parish events, and is attuned to the living faith and real concerns of the parishioners. 
  • Has sensitivity to the cultural and linguistic diversity of the parish community. 
  • Uses updates means of communication to share the Good News through art and the humanities. 

Competencies and Skills

  • Can speak from an experience of Jesus Christ in the heart of His Church.
  • Has an understanding of the theology and history of sacramental and liturgical practices.
  • Is knowledgeable in the spiritual and pastoral development of the liturgical year. 
  • Is knowledgeable of the relationship between religion and culture as well as the relationship between ecclesial spirituality and devotional expression of popular piety in a multi-cultural parish setting.
  • Having proficiency in both English and Spanish is a plus in this position. 
  • Has a basic knowledge of the arts and the humanities and their historical connection to ecclesial spirituality and human formation. 
  • Has competency in social media.
  • Has competency in social media, such as Facebook, Instagram, and SnapChat.

Formation Training and Criteria

This role requires someone with a well-developed and in-depth sense of Catholic worship developed by exposure to substantive literature, pastoral experience, and educational workshops, as well as a broad understanding of the arts and the humanities and their relationship to the New Evangelization.

Candidates must pass a Level II FBI Background Screening and attend Safe Environment Training.

Please forward resumes to:  Rev. Michael Carruthers, at