Coordinator of Youth Ministry – Part Time
St. Anne Parish, Ruskin

The Coordinator of Youth Ministry (CYM) is appointed by the pastor. 

The CYM, with an understanding of how to plan and implement a comprehensive approach to youth ministry as outlined in the USCCB document “Renewing the Vision”, will be asked to develop/grow the parish’s youth ministry program.  The Coordinator of Youth Ministry will offer vision, leadership and coordination for the parish’s efforts in providing ministry to young people from 7th through 12th grades.  The position will require building/maintaining a comprehensive middle school and high school program.  In addition, the CYM may be asked to assist the Faith Formation Coordinator with certain aspects of the Faith Formation program.  The CYM must be able to collaborate with and foster interaction with surrounding schools and parishes and participate in retreats and training relating to Youth Ministry.

The CYM must be a practicing Catholic in good standing and self-motivated.

Essential Functions:

  • Participates in regular communication with the pastor to ascertain his vision for the ministry, to report efforts being taken to grow the parish’s youth ministry and to obtain his guidance.
  • Demonstrates initiative (1) to develop relationships with parents of youth in the targeted age group in order to develop a support team, (2) to be a visible and active presence at parish functions in order to become familiar and accessible to the youth.
  • Develops relationships with area schools in an effort to inform the administration and teachers of the program and determine any community service needs.
  • Develops relationships with area parishes who have established youth ministries for the purpose of learning how they developed their programs.
  • Fosters interaction with parish coordinators of youth and young adult ministry from surrounding parishes.
  • Collaborates with the Diocesan Office of Youth and Young Adult Ministry in order to receive training and resources, in addition to participating in various retreats and activities offered to youth ministers and their youth ministry programs.
  • Utilizes and demonstrates proficiency in the use of social networking for professional and ministerial purposes.  Must agree with and adhere to diocesan policies pertaining to social networking.
  • As this program develops, the essential functions of the position are expected to adapt accordingly.

Collaborative Relationships:

Pastor, all lay staff (full time and part time) and volunteers, the Diocese of St. Petersburg, Hillsborough County, State of Florida, and all other agencies necessary to the performance of the job.

Working Conditions:

This position is expected to be in a Catholic, Christian environment, with indoor and outdoor activities.

Qualities and Skills:

Computer skills and knowledge of social media (i.e., Facebook, Twitter) is required.  Must successfully pass a Level II Background Screening and participate in Safe Environment training through the Diocese of St. Petersburg. 

Additional Competencies, Skills or Endorsements:

  • Interact with people as an administrator, leader, and a pastoral-care provider.
  • Ability to recruit and lead teams of volunteers.
  • Promote effective small and large group communications with various groups.
  • Facilitate work in team situations.
  • Plan, organize, facilitate, direct, delegate and manage the work of events associated with Youth Ministry.
  • Communicate properly with youth, parents, volunteers and parish staff.
  • Write and speak effectively.
  • Fiscally and responsibly manage the annual budget for youth ministry.

    Must successfully complete a Level II FBI background screening and complete a Safe Environment Training Course.

    Please e-mail resume and references to:
    Tina Gaitens