St. Stephen Parish

The Director of Parish Operations serves as a member of the Parish Leadership Team, and as the professional administrator and strategic leader at Saint Stephen Parish. In this critical role, the Director will initiate, and maintain personal relationships in parish and school staff members, volunteers, parishioners, and members of the local community. The Director will work to support the pastor by supervising and managing facilities and grounds, human resources, risk management, parish development, fund-raising activities and initiatives, and parish information technology. The Director will have responsibility for leadership of operations staff.



  • Develops and administers a budget for parish operations
  • Provides a regular report for parishioners to communicate our financial situation and projections.
  • Collaborates with the pastor, Finance Council, to prepare and implement a multi-year parish development plan
  • Establishes goals and benchmarks, and then executes toward those goals, for all major fundraising programs including our parish stewardship program, school fundraising appeals and activities parish and diocesan campaigns, planned giving programs, and endowment activities
  • Educates parishioners on planned giving through special presentations, written articles, and other vehicles, as appropriate
  • Develops and cultivates long-term relationships with parishioners, business leaders, and benefactors to financially support and advance our parish mission.
  • Reviews bids for maintenance and capital improvement projects
  • With the Administrative Assistant- Annually gathers and provides all documents for outside auditors.  Complies with all their recommendations and documents for the parish records and the Finance council. 

Facilities Management:

  • Oversees the development and implementation of the facilities, equipment, and technology strategic plans.
  • Manages major repairs, renovations and capital projects in accordance with diocesan policies.
  • Acts as the liaison to diocesan administrative offices including the risk department.
  • Oversees all elements of parish security, leasing, rental, use of parish facilities, and acts as a liaison to local government agencies.

Human Resources Management:

  • Serves as the primary point of contact for parish staff, to coordinate and administer the day-to-day activities of parish life, under the guidance and direction of the pastor and in accordance with diocesan and parish policies.
  • Oversees the management of the parish office and office staff.
  • Oversees the development and implementation of position descriptions including staff responsibilities and qualifications, as well as standards for professional development, accountability, succession planning and retirement.
  • Evaluates parish support staff through yearly performance reviews.
  • Oversees implementation of the guidelines and policies of volunteers.
  • Manages time-off requests for Operations staff.
  • Oversees the recruitment, training, and support of volunteers that participate in development and maintenance activities.


  • Collaborates with Communication Office staff members and volunteers for the creation, implementation, and assessing the success of strategic marketing, communications and digital campaigns that will enhance Saint Stephen message in our surrounding communities.
  • Directs/ oversees preparation of publication of relevant information presented in the Sunday bulletin and electronic communication methods used by the parish.
  • Manages Information Technology to include parish database, computers, internet, telephone, copiers, etc.

Project/Team Management:

  • Manages parish projects; identifies needs and required action, tracks and communicates status to relevant stakeholders, identifies challenges to planning progress and completion and makes necessary corrections, and implements initiatives as applicable and identifies follow-up actions.
  • Organizes and facilitates staff meetings and gatherings to build community and collaboration; to ensure all necessary information such as project plan status, new assignments, and status of regular responsibilities is communicated to and by team members in a timely manner; identify and address any challenges to progress and success.


  • Practicing Catholic with a servant mentality and the ability to engage all parishioners, staff and those seeking Christ with a spirit of faith, hope and charity.
  • Highly collaborative and can develop and maintain healthy working relationships with staff members, parishioners and members of the community.
  • Undergraduate degree in Business or related discipline, or equivalent professional experience.
  • 5+ years’ experience in not-for-profit operations or in Church management is preferred.
  • Working knowledge of human resources practices, facilities management, communications and information technology and accounting principles.  Has experience in risk management.
  • Demonstrated leadership and strong verbal and written communication skills.
  • Able to prioritize work assignments for self and others; highly organized and able to manage multiple projects.
  • Able to identify opportunities for improvement, evaluate issues and situations, and propose and implement recommendations / solutions.
  • Can be trusted with highly confidential matters.
  • Able to travel to other diocesan locations.
  • Strong Microsoft Office skills.

HOURS OF WORK:  The Director of Operations will be expected to work the normal business hours of the Parish Office. In addition, to work after normal business hours when necessary and/or at the pastor’s request. 

Candidate must successfully pass a Level II FBI background screening and complete Safe Environment Training

To apply, please send resume to: tom@ststephencatholic.org or rosie@ststephencatholic.org