Pastoral Center
St. Petersburg

Position Purpose

Rooted in the diocesan mission to Courageously Live the Gospel and approaching Human Resources with the foundation of the USCCB’s statement “Co-Workers in the Vineyard of the Lord” and the NACPA’s position of “Just Treatment for those who work for the Church,” the Executive Director of Human Resources provides leadership and guidance to the Pastoral Center (Chancery) and all entities of the Diocese of St. Petersburg (hereafter “Diocese”). Working collaboratively with the Chancellor for Administration and the diocesan legal counsel, this position provides direct daily support to the Bishop and staff of the Diocesan Pastoral Center, and to the pastors, principals, and employees of entities within the Diocese on all matters involving employer/employee relationships, consistent with the teachings and tenets of the Roman Catholic Faith. Additionally, this position administers the employment and benefit systems, and is the primary contact for outside entities providing payroll and employee benefit programs and services.

Major Duties and Responsibilities

  • The Executive Director of Human Resources holds a significant leadership position in ministry and serves on the Bishop’s team and within the Diocese of St. Petersburg. Serves as an advisor to the Bishop and his executive staff on all aspects of Human Resources. This is accomplished by making recommendations and implementing policies, services, and programs, in keeping with direction of the Bishop. Incumbent manages all day-to-day HR operations in accordance with established policies and procedures.
  • Grounded in the foundational USCCB document, “Co-Workers in the Vineyard of the Lord”, serves as the primary Human Resources consultant for all pastors, principals and supervisors of diocesan entities. This requires an understanding both secular duties and ministerial duties, especially for ministerial position and is accomplished by providing training, coaching and hands-on assistance with personnel policies, procedures, conflict management, organizational design, hiring and termination decisions, and disciplinary actions. Incumbent provides job descriptions, HR forms, implementation of Paid Time Off (PTO) programs, performance appraisals and advising actions in compliance with appropriate local, state and federal employment laws and regulations.

Talent and Labor Relations

  • Manages the Human Resources Information System (HRIS) for the entire Diocese to ensure compliance with federal and state law and diocesan policies and consistent with the Church’s teaching. This accomplished by developing, maintaining, and updating policy, procedures, programs and materials (such as employee handbooks, job descriptions, compensation programs, performance appraisal forms, performance improvement form, and disciplinary action forms), throughout the Diocese to facilitate attainment of Diocesan goals, legal requirements and to foster a positive and Catholic mission-oriented work environment. Incumbent develops written communications on personnel issues and procedures for employees and supervisors for the Pastoral Center and all Diocesan entities. Serves as the control point for the payroll provider on all policy, compliance, and program decisions.
  • Collaborates with the Safe Environment Coordinator and Chancellor for Canonical Affairs on the direction of the Diocese’ Safe Environment for the Protection of Children and Vulnerable Adults Program as it is applied and administer for those who work for and within the Church. Assists in ensuring the Diocese’s compliance with the USCCB Charter for the Protection of Children and Young People and the diocesan Policy for the Protection of Children and Vulnerable Adults as it applies to lay employees.
  • Manages personnel issues for the Pastoral Center, including conflict resolution, coordination of the performance appraisal process, etc. Incumbent prepares Personnel Action forms for all diocesan entities. Consults with management staff regarding employee relations issues as directed by supervisor. Incumbent addresses personnel issues for parish, schools and other diocesan entities as requested consistent with the mission of the Church.
  • Assures the supervision of the Benefits Coordinator, Retirement Services Coordinator and Administrative Assistant. Incumbent accomplishes this task by leading in the recruitment and hiring process, and by training, motivating, supporting, scheduling and evaluating staff. Incumbent also recommends to the Chancellor for Administration the termination of staff.
  • In collaboration with the Chancellor for Administration, oversees communications to all diocesan employees regarding administrative issues such as hurricane preparedness, office closures, and workplace safety.


  • Recruits talent for the Pastoral Center including communicating with offices about staffing needs. This is accomplished by handling job vacancy notices, website postings, advertisements, resume collection and review, initial applicant screening and testing, interview coordination, rejection, new hire and termination letters, etc. Incumbent provides guidance and handles recruitment advertising for parish/schools as requested. Incumbent develops a system for parishes to vet employment candidates, including developing a database of resumes for parish use, in order to assist pastors and their staff in their hiring processes.
  • Oversees the hiring process. This is accomplished by monitoring new hires to complete the background check process, ensuring confidentiality of information and review with the Safe Environment Office and Chancellor for Canonical Affairs with negative and/or sensitive information relating to candidates and employees. Incumbent facilities a new hire orientation process for the Pastoral Center and provides training to parishes and schools to do the same.

Benefit Programs

  • Supervised Employee Benefits Administration, which includes serving as primary contact with providers, brokers, and administrators of all plans. Conducts periodic reviews of all plans to ensure compliance with the plan documents. Ensures premiums are properly calculated, collected, and paid per the terms of the contracts.
  • Directs the activities of the Office of Retirement Services. Acts as the primary process interface with Pension Administrator for reporting and plan administration.
  • Assists and advises all applicable diocesan locations on the short-term/long-term disability programs and Family Medical Leave Policy.
  • Manages the State Unemployment reporting and reimbursement program.

Wage and Salary

  • Influenced by the NACPA document, “Just Treatment for those who work for the Church”, Leads the Diocesan Compensation Committee and provides personnel budget input to the Chancellor for Administration and the Finance and Accounting Office for all entities within the Pastoral Center. This is accomplished by creating, developing and administering compensation programs, conducting research, assimilating data, creating a wage/salary scale and classification of each position. Incumbent ensures that payroll standards and wage survey are coordinated to complete a fair and just wage for each position and completes and participates in salary surveys annual (NACPA).
  • Works with the Finance & Accounting Office on applicable payroll administration. This is accomplished by collaboratively working with the Payroll Manager with training and implementation of the payroll software, training diocesan and parish supervisors on time and labor functions, providing updated wages and benefits to the payroll manager, and information of hiring/termination of employees.

Personnel Files

  • Maintains a personnel file for each employee which contains pertinent and relevant information according to labor law. Maintains separate files on I-9 forms as well as separate files for medical information. Follows record retention policies on terminated employees and litigation claims.
  • Trains parishes, schools and other diocesan entities on proper maintenance of personnel files.

Other Duties and Responsibilities

  • Prepares the annual operating budget for the Human Resources Department and be fiscally accountable for all areas of responsibility.
  • Makes presentations at various meetings throughout the diocese, including annual parish manager meetings, principal meetings, and other functions as needed.
  • Maintain the Human Resource website home page and internal employee pages at the payroll site to ensure most recent forms and benefit documents are available.
  • Other tasks/projects assigned or delegated by the Bishop or his delegate.

Working Conditions

In addition to the working conditions noted in the attached Working Conditions Supplement, the Executive Director of Human Resources is expected to work hours as needed and occasionally may exceed forty hours (40) per week. Although the Human Resources Office is located in the diocesan Pastoral Center in St. Petersburg, Florida, same-day travel to and from entities within the five County geographic area of the Diocese is often required.

Collaborative Relationships

  • The Executive Director of Human Resources is directly accountable to and evaluated by the Chancellor for Administration.
  • Works collaboratively with the Executive Director of Finance, the Chancellor for Administration and other Diocesan Personnel to ensure personnel are justly compensated and resources are available to effectively carry out the mission of the Church as it pertains to their duties.
  • Works collaboratively on the Risk Management Team to manage workplace safety, hurricane preparedness, compliance of federal, state and county regulations on health-related matters, and other risks as they relate to personnel management.
  • The Executive Director is expected to be loyal to and supportive of the teachings and tenets of the Roman Catholic Church and the Bishop of the Diocese of St. Petersburg. This is accomplished by serving as agent of the Church and Bishop. Incumbent favorably represents the Bishop and His vision to pastors, employees, parish leaders and other diocesan leaders and never contradicts Church teaching in word or action.

Qualities and Skills

  • The Executive Director of Human Resources holds a significant ministry leadership position on the Bishop’s team and within the Diocese of St. Petersburg. Thus, the incumbent must be a mature, practicing Catholic in good standing, fully understand the Catholic Faith, be able to quickly and easily verbalize the Church’s position on matters of faith and able to integrate Gospel values in all areas of work. It requires the incumbent to know, understand, and articulate the journey of the Catholic faith we are all invited to walk.
  • Bachelor’s degree in Business or Personnel administration, Human Resource Management, or related field required. A Master’s degree preferred in a related field. Coursework in personnel, psychology, organizational development, and employment law is desirable.
  • PHR or SPHR certification is highly preferred. Demonstrated experience in Employee Benefit Administration.
  • Maintains a level of knowledge and skills required to serve as an Executive Director of Human Resources. This is accomplished by reading material related to the profession, by attendance at workshops or conventions, and by participation in local, regional and Ecclesial professional organizations (such as the National Association of Church Personnel Administrators), as approved and as appropriate.

Candidate must successfully pass an FBI Level II Background Screening and complete Safe Environment Training prior to employment.

To apply, please send resume and cover letter to Dr. Lois Locey at: llocey@dosp.org