Pastoral Center
St. Petersburg, FL

Position Purpose

The Priest Wellness Coordinator, in collaboration with the Diocese of St. Petersburg promotes and assists the priests of the Diocese of St. Petersburg attain and maintain optimal physical health. The Priest Wellness Coordinator articulates the relationship of health of mind, body, and spirit within the Priest community. The program offers the assistance of a liaison who acts as a health educator; advocate; case manager; and liaison to health and administrative needs.

Collaborative Relationships: The Priest Wellness Coordinator works collaboratively with the Director of Ministry to Priests, Vicar General, Executive Director of Human Resources, Benefits Administrator, Priests Pension Manager, Chancellor for Canonical Affairs and Chancellor for Administration, St. John XXIII Residence Chaplain and the entire Human Resources Ministry.

General Duties

  • Conduct regular visits to retired clergy to determine needs related to social and psychological support, financial assistance, or counseling and housing appropriateness with appropriate agencies for services needed.
  • Assist healthy retired, disabled, and partially disabled clergy with housing (especially at the St. John XXIII Residence), finance, social security, and health issues and ministry opportunities.
  • Arrange pre-retirement seminars for clergy on financial planning, psychological preparation for retirement, living and working arrangements; meet individually with those retiring each year.
  • Respond immediately, effectively, and appropriately in a crisis. Observe and report to the Director of Ministry to Priests any situation and/or condition that may need attention and is beyond his/her scope of responsibility.
  • Assume responsibility for coordination of on-going wellness programs for Diocesan priests in collaboration with the Human Resources Ministry.
  • Plan and organize annual luncheons for senior priests in collaboration with Human Resources Ministry and the Chancellor for Canonical Affairs.
  • Meet with senior priests who are about to retire concerning Social Security, Medicare; Health insurance, housing options, including the St. John XXIII Residence, ministry options, arrange pension payment.


  • Promote an understanding of the relationship between faith, lifestyle, and health.
  • Encourage the priests to be proactive with their health by promoting/providing opportunities for vaccinations, health screenings, health related educational offerings, health education resources and 1:1 consultation.

Health Management:

  • Discuss health concerns and assess understanding and management of said concerns;
  • Listens to and offers support and guidance to individuals in modifying lifestyles, adjusting to disease, coping with chronic illness and other health concerns and supporting in times of crisis;
  • Assist in strengthening the relationships with their physician(s) and other health care providers and as needed, act as the priest’s advocate. Accompany priests as necessary to health care provider appointments, and serve as their advocate;
  • Work with Quantum and/or Medicare to find in-network health care providers for referral;
  • Visits priests in hospitals, rehab facilities, their residence and long-term care facilities in the capacity of their Wellness Coordinator and Priest Health Advocate. Work collaboratively with the facility social worker/case manager to provide support, assess the need for follow-up and recommend discharge placement.

Crisis Intervention

  • During a hospitalization: Be present and work with the priest and their family/Medical Power of Attorney (MPOA) to assure that they receive the proper care while in the hospital and appropriate level of care upon discharge to allow them to have optimal services for a complete recovery.
  • During a temporary or permanent change in health status: Work with the priest and their family/MPOA to find proper care, support and services that are appropriate for their level of need to allow them to live in dignity with a high quality of life. Through our cooperative agreements with a variety of facilities, find a match to meet their spiritual, physical and emotional needs whether those needs be long or short term.
  • When the end of earthly life is near. Assist the priests’ family and/or Power of Attorney to assure that needs are met and assist with funeral planning. Work with the Chancellor for Canonical of Affairs and the Bishop’s Office to coordinate funeral plans and send necessary announcements.

Specific Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Priests’ Wellness Program Office-
  • Be available for emergency consultations with the Director of Ministry to Priests, the Chancellor for Canonical Affairs, the Executive Director of Human Resources, the individual priest(s) and their POA as needed via phone and/or e-mail;
  • Attend at least one meeting in each Deanery annually;
  • Maintain an up-to date list of physicians referrals;
  • Assures an updated database of all priests in the Diocese of St. Petersburg is contained within the DioOffice Program;
  • Have a knowledge of community and online resources for health-related matters.
  • Director of Ministry to Priests-
  • In compliance with confidentiality protocols, keep the Director of Ministry to Priests and the Chancellor for Canonical Affairs apprised of the health status of the priests, in particular those in hospitals or with acute illness;
  • Attend and actively participate in a monthly staff meeting with the Director of Ministry to Priests, the Executive Director of Human Resources, the Priests Pension Manager, the Chancellor for Canonical Affairs and the Chancellor for Administration.
  • Collaboration with Human Resources Ministry-
  • Collaborate with the Human Resources Ministry through consultation, recommendation and providing background information to streamline the process for priests to receive benefits;
  • Attend and actively participate monthly staff meetings with the Human Resource Staff;
  • At their request, send E-mail notifications regarding benefits updates to the priests.

Working Conditions

In addition to the working conditions noted in the attached Working Conditions Supplement, this position requires limited office space in the Pastoral Center. It predominately will be visiting with priests and their health care provider in all 5 counties in the diocese (Citrus, Hernando, Hillsborough, Pasco and Pinellas). It also includes the necessary office equipment (including phone and laptop) to accomplish its tasks.

Qualities and Skills

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing, Pastoral Care (Chaplaincy) or Social Work required. Master’s preferred;
  • Active member of a Roman Catholic parish faith community or Knowledge of and familiarity with Catholic theology and the Catholic Church in St. Petersburg;
  • Knowledge of healing/ministry of the church. Values, beliefs, and spirituality consistent with those of the Catholic Church;
  • Knowledge of the unique living conditions and lifestyle of a Catholic Priest;
  • Skills in communication and teaching techniques;
  • Knowledge in health promotion as it relates to lifestyles;
  • Knowledge of health services and resources in the community;
  • Ability to work autonomously and network with others;
  • Knowledge of current nursing and health care issues;
  • Ability to understand and communicate the concepts of the interrelatedness of body, mind and spirit to health & wellness.
  • Must have reliable transportation and a current driver’s license.
  • Must be willing to be supportive of the mission and values of the Diocese of St. Petersburg and its entities and partners.
  • Due to the nature of the duties, must be flexible and be able to work weekdays, weekends, and evenings.
  • Computer Skills: Microsoft Office – Word, Excel, Access
  • Organizational Skills with great attention to detail.

Successfully complete a FDLE Level II Criminal Background screening and meet the Minimum Standards of Moral Conduct of the Diocese. complete the SEP training and “Sexual Harassment and the Church” training and meet the minimum standards of the moral conduct of the Diocese.

To apply, please send your resume, cover letter, and transcript to ggillis@dosp.org