Prayers of the Faithful following the October 5, 2017 execution of Michael Lambrix:

That our nation will end the use of the death penalty in response to violence, and that the merciful love of God will convert the violent and heal the victims,
We pray to the Lord:

 For the Moore and Bryant families and for all who have lost loved ones through violent crimes, that they may know God’s healing power and be transformed by it.
We pray to the Lord:

 That all whose lives have been taken by the State, especially Michael Lambrix, who was executed last week, may he be granted Eternal rest.
We pray to the Lord:

Prayers and Prayer Services

Three Things you can do right Now to raise your voice for life this October.

  1. Stop an Execution
  2. Educate,Advocate, Pray
  3. Advocate for life on Social Media

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