Pastoral Center
St. Petersburg

Rooted in the diocesan mission to Courageously Live the Gospel and approaching Internal Service Administration with the foundation of the USCCB’s statement “Co-Workers in the Vineyard of the Lord” and the NACPA’s position of “Just Treatment for those who work for the Church,” the Maintenance Technician Responsible for repairs and maintenance of the Pastoral Center and off-site diocesan owned properties under the direction of the ISA office. Assist with hospitality duties such as conference room set ups; available for afterhours mechanical and security emergencies; establish and maintain written preventive maintenance schedule in accordance with manufactures recommended systems.

Major Duties and Responsibilities

· Perform regular preventative maintenance on air conditioning equipment and filters as required.

· Perform basic repairs, such as changing light bulbs, fluorescing ballast, resetting tripped breakers, bathroom stoppages and faucet repairs.

· Perform carpentry maintenance and painting maintenance of assigned.

· Maintain and store adequate spare parts for normal operation and repairs.

· Regular continuous check of life safety equipment and hazard, such as fire extinguishers, fire sprinkler systems, fire hazards, steps, walks, handicap access and parking.

· Assist with receiving, storage and distribution of all delivers.

· Assist with maintaining a clean and orderly facility.

· Assist with pick up mail and deliveries in the diocesan vehicle as required.

· Knowledge of security and fire operations.

· Assist in set ups, moving furniture and equipment.

· Repairs and maintenance of offsite properties under direction of ISA office. Supervise and inspect work contractors on Pastoral center and off-site properties.

· Maintain appropriate library of manuals, drawing and operational information of all Pastoral Center equipment.

Working Conditions

· Maintenance technician will be required to work both indoors and outdoors.

· Must be able to lift heavy equipment weighing over 50 pounds such as ladders, building materials, furniture, etc.

· Must be able to climb 30 ft. ladders.

Collaborative relationships

· Works regularly with other members of the ISA office.

· Works collaboratively with all Pastoral Center staff.

Qualities and Skills

· High school diploma is required.

· Knowledge and experience in electrical, plumbing, painting, irrigation, and carpentry.

· Good organizational and interpersonal skills.

· Valid Florida driver’s license.

· Adhere to strict confidentiality in all matters pertaining to Diocesan business.

· Dress appropriately and conduct self in a professional manner.

Candidate must successfully pass a Level II FBI Background Screening and complete Safe Environment Training prior to employment.

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