ConnectNow Help Videos

ConnectNow Family Suite  

The following three videos are DOSP  required viewing for access to the CNFS and APA Mailing List,

ConnectNow Family Suite – Creating a Secure Login

ConnectNow Family Suite – Adding a Family

ConnectNow Family Suite – Family Groups

NOTE: The ConnectNow website is under construction some of the following links may not work.  Check back frequently (posted July 12, 2016)

-Family and Member

Adding and deleting people

Emailing from ConnectNow

Searching and Filtering for Reporting

Setting up Workgroups

Simple search for people

Adding Members to a Family

Searching and Filtering for Reporting

Exporting Envelope List to send to Vendor

Importing a Member into a New Family

How to create a Sacrament Record

Adding a Custom Organization (Foreign Church of Baptism)

Organization Directory: How to search for and mark favorites

ConnectNow Family Suite – Offering and Pledges

Fund Setup

Posting Contributions

Import Online Giving to CN Offering

Editing & Deleting Contributions from an open batch

Editing Contributions in a Closed Batch

Generating Electronic Statements

ConnectNow Family Suite Administration

Adding Staff and Staff Permissions

How to Manage Lookups

ConnectNow Family Suite – IQ (Intelligent Query)

IQ Overview

Adding Fields and Sorting

Exporting and Merging

Adding Conditions – Basic

Adding Conditions – Advanced

Connect Now Family Suite Religious Education (ParishSOFT videos)

Lookup Configuration and Migration Wizard

Dashboard Overview

Adding Terms, Sessions, and Classes

Setting Lookups

Setting up online registration

Processing online registration

Emailing Students and Parents

Removing Students and Leaders from a Class


How to Create Invoices

How to Create Templates

How to apply payments and discounts

How to add and edit invoice items


ConnectNow Accounting (ParishSOFT Videos)

Primary Subsidiary Bank Account Feature

Users and Passwords


Check Layout

Accounts Receivable – Payment Entry

Credit Memos

Invoice Entry

Customer Entry

Sales tax

Products & Services

Inserting a signature

End of Fiscal Year

Payables – Due to / From

Vendor entry

Printing Checks

Correcting Out of Balance Bank Accounts

Bank Reconciliation

Bill Entry using Cash methods

Bill Entry using the Accrual method

Cash 1099 /vs Accrual Accounting Methods

1099 Reporting requirements and processing

Hot Keys