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Mailbox management 1: Use views to stay organizedLearn how to manage your Outlook 2010 mailbox by setting and changing views, settings that control how Outlook displays your data. This course explains some of the ways you can use views to find and organize your mail, contacts, and more.
Mailbox management 2 : Instant Search and Search FoldersLearn how to manage your Outlook 2010 mailbox with Instant Search and Search Folders. Instant Search helps you find anything in your mailbox, and Search Folders help you organize your messages without having to create a set of folders and rules.
Mailbox management 3: File your stuff in foldersLearn how to use folders to organize your Outlook mailbox. This course shows you how to create folders, control their order, add them to Favorites, and move and delete them. It also shows you how to create Outlook data files and add folders to them, a way to store data that you want to keep outside of your mailbox.
Use e-mail signatures in Outlook 2010Learn how to create e-mail signatures. Signatures add polish to your messages, and save you some time by entering your name and contact information automatically.
Send Automatic Replies when you’re awaySend out-of-office replies to people who send messages to your Outlook 2010 Exchange Server account, and create rules to help manage your Inbox while you’re out.
Outlook and RSS: The internet in your mailboxThis course shows you how to automatically respond when people send mail to your Exchange account, and your POP3 or IMAP account (Hotmail, Gmail, and so on). You’ll also learn how to create rules that help manage incoming messages while you’re gone.


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