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Adding Numbers in Excel 2013

See how Excel 2013 makes it easy to add numbers using formulas, buttons, and functions (such as the SUM and SUMIF functions).

The Sum Function

When adding a few cells, the SUM function will save you time. With larger ranges of cells, it’s essential.

The SUMIF function

The SUMIF function allows you add cells that meet a criteria that you provide.

Basic math in Excel

Let Excel be your calculator. Take this course to learn how to add, subtract, multiply, and divide using formulas and functions.

Using functions in Excel 2013 (5:19)
A function is a predefined formula that helps save you time. For example, use the SUM function to add lots of numbers or cells, and the PRODUCT function to multiply them.

Operator order in Excel 2013 (2:12)
How do you know what part of your formula Excel acts on first, second, third, and so on? This video explains it.

More complex formulas in Excel 2013 (4:28)
Watch this video to learn how to create more complex formulas using multiple operators, cell references, and functions.


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