National V ENCUENTRO Process

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Oficial video of the V Encuentro:


“It is my hope that the Encuentro process will inspire us to reflect upon and respond to the call to missionary discipleship and to discern, anew, meaningful and vital ways and means to meet the pastoral needs of all those whom we serve. The Encuentro process has the potential for illuminating ways that all of our various ministries might be edified ”  Bishop Robert N. Lynch

“The National V Encuentro , is an evangelization and reflection process, that provides an opportunity for the entire church, not just Hispanics, to re-kindle their baptism call to missionary discipleship. It is an invitation to deepen our prayer life, to reflect on the many Emmaus moments of our lives, to see the strangers we meet along the way and to recognize Jesus in them. It is a way for us to go out in the periphery of life and find those who feel unwanted, unwelcomed, or alone, to accompany them, to empower them, and to love them. It is an invitation for ALL of us, clergy, religious and laity, to celebrate our faith, to encourage new leadership, and to find UNITY in our diversity as we build the Kingdom of God.” Vivi Iglesias

Videos de Introducción del V Encuentro / Videos of Introduction of V Encuentro
1st Parte – Encuentro Spanish
1stPart- Encuentro English
2nd Parte – Encuentro
2nd Part English
Quick Fact Sheet/Datos Básicos : English  Spanish
Prayer/ Oración:  English  Spanish
Parish Manual/Manual: English Spanish
Flow Chart (to help parish teams with V Encuentro steps) English  Spanish
Bilingual Reflection Guide (Parishes will receive 25 printed guides each). English Spanish
Mission and Consultation Journal: English Spanish Bilingual
*NEW  English Presentation –  Forming Small Group Facilitators for V Encuentro
English PDF: Forming Small Group Facilitators for V Encuentro
PPT Presentation: Forming Small Group Facilitators for V Encuentro
* NEW Spanish Presentation – Forming Small Group Facilitators for V Encuentro:
Spanish: PDF: Forming Small Group Facilitators for V Encuentro
PPT Presentation Spanish:Forming Small Group Facilitators for V Encuentro-Spanish
(For both documents in PowerPoint format please contact Vivi Iglesias at 727-341-6851)

Spanish: Parish Guide Training_SPANISH
English: Parish Guide Training_ENGLISH

For more resources visit V Encuentro website at :
or to purchase materials to distribute during your Parish Encuentro visit:


A process of evangelization, communion, and consultation that generates information for pastoral planning that responds more creatively to the Hispanic presence in the Church and promotes the ecclesial integration of ALL communities:
1-Connects the local Hispanic community with a national initiative
2-Generates and forms new pastoral leaders as missionary disciples
3-Revitalizes the faith of parishioners and invites them to missionary activity
4-Fosters the participation in liturgical and ministerial life
5-Increases stewardship.

GOAL: the main goal of the V Encuentro is to discern ways in which the Church in the United States can better respond to the Hispanic/Latino presence, and to strengthen the ways in which Hispanics/ Latinos respond to the call to the New Evangelization as missionary disciples serving the entire Church.

Who Participates in the V Encuentro?

All leaders in arch/dioceses, parishes, lay ecclesial movements and other Catholic organizations and institutions are invited to participate.

Participating in the V Encuentro, through the missionary process of evangelization and consultation, provides the opportunity of encountering second and third generation Hispanic/Latino Catholics, and those who are living in the periphery.

June,  2017 Parish Reflection Time with the Five Themes:
The themes of the sessions are inspired by Pope Francis in The Joy of the Gospel n. 24.
• Called to a loving encounter with Jesus

• With words and actions: Do it!
• Walking together with Jesus
• Bearing fruits of new life
• Celebrating the joy of being missionary disciples

NOTE: After each reflection time a missionary action will be encouraged.  Parishes will work with  leaders of groups/small communities to implement the reflection sessions, gather and record information from their participation in the process. The work of reflection, consultation, and information gathering will be crucial and very important. Historically, the encuentros have helped the Bishops, Priests, Deacons, Religious and Laity Leaders as they pastorally addressed and responded to the various needs they have encountered over the years. This work will also help as we carefully plan for the formation of future leaders for our church.

Members of the Diocesan Team:

Carlos Flores (Chair) Associate Director of Hispanic Ministry (DOSP)
Brian Lemoi Executive Director of Evangelization and Life Long Faith Formation (DOSP)
Sabrina Burton-Schultz Director of Life Ministry (DOSP)
Diane Kledzik Associate Director of Evangelization and Adult Faith Formation (DOSP)
Sylvia Sanchez Associate Director of Worship (DOSP)
Ryan Phelan Associate Director of Youth and Young Adult Ministry (DOSP)
Carmen Cayon DRE – St. Paul Catholic Church, Tampa
Gustavo Facio Volunteer Coordinator (Diocesan Hispanic Young Adult Ministry)
Winston Guevara Coordinator Diocesan Hispanic Charismatic Movement   (Apostolic Movements)
Rev. Gilberto Quintero Secretary for Multicultural Ministries  
Rev Dayan Machado Parroquial Vicar   (Hillsborough – Brandon Area)  
Rev. Chuck Dornquast Parroquial Vicar   (Hillsborough – Brandon Area)  
Deacon Elix Castro Nativity’s Deacon/ Founder of MDS – Marriage Dialogue  
Maria Mertens Coordinator of Communications
Diocese of St. Petersburg

 July – August, 2017: Parishes will organize a parish V Encuentro event to gather the information collected by the missionary actions after each session. A Parish wide report will be prepared with their findings. Materials for the report will be provided at a later date.

Fall 2017: DIOCEAN WIDE ENCUENTRO EVENT AND MASS. The Diocesan Team will plan and organize a diocesan wide V Encuentro day at the Cathedral of St. Jude The Apostle on October 14, 2017 – Parish teams and Representatives from each parish participating will attend.  Parishes will prepare their Parish Report and present it at the Diocesan Event. The event will also engage the parish teams and Diocesan Team as they formulate a Diocesan wide report that will include findings. During that Diocesan Encuentro,  24 Delegates will be chosen to participate in the Regional V Encuentro gathering scheduled for February 2018 in the Diocese of Orlando and as well as the National V Encuentro Gathering in Texas.  The Diocesan Encuentro will be followed by the Annual Diocesan Hispanic Mass with Bishop Parkes, there information gathered will be presented and the Diocesan Delegates will be commissioned and sent to represent our Diocese at both the Regional and National Events.


February 22-25, 2018: Regions XIV and V will participate in a Regional V Encuentro. 24 delegates will represent the Diocese at this gathering of the 30 Dioceses of the Southeast of United States (Reigon V and Region XIV Dioceses).

September 20-22, 2018: National Gathering of the V Encuentro: 302 delegates from our Region XIV will travel to Texas for this Historical event.  Findings and recommendations from the 15 regions will be gathered and presented to the Bishops of the United States.

2019: The Bishops of United States will work on a document that will direct the future work.