Revised January 5, 2009

  1. Who can be a Religious Emblem Counselor, Moderator or Facilitator?

    The counselor can be a priest, deacon, religious, parent, Scouter, youth minister, religious educator, or any interested and concerned Catholic adult. All counselors, moderators or facilitators must be approved by the diocesan committee and have the proper resource material for the program.
  2. How can I replace a medal which has been lost?

    Answer: Please contact us by email or phone for further information.  Our email address is

  3. I have a scout who was unable to attend Bishop / Diocesan Scout Sunday. How can I pick-up or request the medal for them?

    Answer: All requests should be done in writing by providing the name of the scout, parish and unit number. There is a $8.00 shipping and handling fee for this service. Make all checks payable to “Diocese of St. Petersburg”.

  4. Can religious emblem applications be copied or faxed?

    Answer: Religious emblem applications can be copied for unit records. However, the original application must be sent to the diocesan office for processing. We do not accept faxed copies.

  5. Do I need to be Level II Screened to be a Religious Emblem Counselor or Moderator?

    Answer: Yes, all volunteers must be Level II screened who will be working with youth.
  6. Do I need to attend a BSA Youth Protection Training or SEP (Safe Environment Seminar) to be Religious Emblem Moderators, Counselors or Facilitators?

    Answer: All Religious Emblem Moderators, Counselors or Facilitators must have a current BSA Youth Protection Training Certificate and the diocese Safe Environment Program training.

  7. Our parish is in the Diocese of St. Petersburg but we live in another county which is in another diocese.  Which diocese will process and present my Religious Emblem?

    Answer: Your application will be approved by your parish and the religious emblem will be presented to you by Diocese of St. Petersburg.