Revised 3/1/2007

Many units are beginning to finalize plans for summer camp and special events. Please make sure your unit has reviewed all insurance coverage for these events.

1. Drivers and Rental Vans

We strongly recommend that you do not enter into a rental agreement for 15 passenger vans! If your unit enters into a rental agreement, we recommend the unit request the rental car coverage insurance on any vehicles which you wish to rent for summertime events.  Also all units should be following the guidelines of the Boy Scouts of America in securing the appropriate Tour Permits from your local council.

2. Fundraiser and Money Earning Projects

If your unit is planning a special fundraiser for the unit, please take the following steps:

a. You must submit a Money Earning Application to your Scout Service Center 45 days prior to the activity for approval.

b. If approved by the Council, your unit will be covered by the BSA Liability Insurance as an approved event. Please provide a copy of the approval to your parish office 30 days prior to the event.

c. If your project is not approved by the Council then you need to contact your parish office regarding the requirements for Special Event Insurance Coverage.

d. The diocese/parish requires Special Event Insurance Coverage be requested and paid for at least 21 days prior to the event. This will allow time for approval by the diocesan insurance carrier.

e. Special event coverage will cost your unit $100.00 to $150.00 per

f. Parishes have been notified not to allow a fundraiser by Scouting Units unless these requirements have been met. Safety for all scouts, unit leaders and parents is always a concern and important to successful activites, meeting and events. Please take the time to review your unit’s safety plan whenever planning activities at unit meetings, outings and events.