Diocesan Policy – Scouting Boys #1998-01 Revised 07/01/2006

As of July 2006 all unit leaders and adult volunteers of a parish, school or Catholic organization under the Diocese of St. Petersburg are required to complete a Level II Volunteer Background Screening application process prior to being approved in a leadership or committee position within a unit.

The chartered organization is required by diocesan policy to have Level II Volunteer Background Screening completed on all BSA registered volunteers. Your parish office can assist you with this process.

The diocesan Human Resources department at the Pastoral Center will provide the screening results to the executive officer of the parish or school. Once screening results have been received, the volunteer will be approved or rejected. Upon approval, the BSA Volunteer application will be signed and then forwarded to the BSA Council office for processing and BSA screening.

1. Gulf Ridge and West Central Florida Council cannot process the BSA Adult Volunteer Leader Application(s) without the approval and signature of the executive officer (pastor / principal) or chartered organization representative of the chartering organization. The Executive Officer of the chartering organization will have the final decision on which signature will be required on the BSA Application.

2. The BSA policy does not replace the diocesan policy or procedure. The diocesan “Level II Volunteer Background Screening” must be completed prior to any application approval and forwarding to the Boy Scout Council.