The College of Consultors is a consultative body of 6 to 12 priests, as required by canon law (c. 502), who serve for a period of five years or until relieved of their appointment. These priests are chosen from among the members of the Presbyteral Council.

Their functions include the selection of a Diocesan Administrator in the case of a vacant or impeded episcopal see. Other responsibilities are detailed in canons 272, 377, 404, 413, 419, 421, 422, 485, 494, 833, 1018, 1277 and 1292.

The current members of the College of Consultors were appointed in January 2017 for a period of five years.  Members include:

  • Rev. Msgr. Robert F. Morris, V.G.
  • Rev. Msgr. Robert C. Gibbons, J.C.L.
  • Rev. Msgr. Ronald B. Aubin, J.C.L.
  • Rev. James B. Johnson
  • Rev. Craig Morley
  • Very Rev. Arthur J. Proulx, V.F.
  • Rev. John G. Tapp