The Presbyteral Council is a required consultative body of priests, in accordance with canons 495-501. The council assists the Bishop in the governance of the diocese according to norm of law and to promote the pastoral good of the faithful throughout the diocese.
Presbyteral Council members include:

Most Rev. Gregory L. Parkes, J.C.L., D.D., President
Rev. Msgr. Robert Morris, V.G., Vice-President
Rev. Msgr. Robert Gibbons, J.C.L., Chair
Very Rev. Len Plazewski, V.F., Secretary

Elected Pastors
Rev. Msgr. Robert Gibbons, J.C.L.
Rev. Msgr. Michael Muhr
Very Rev. Curtis Carro, V.F.
Rev. Victor Amorose
Rev. Justin Paskert
Rev. John Tapp

Elected Parochial Vicars
Rev. Anthony Astrab
Rev. Robert Cadrecha
Rev. Elixavier (Xavy) Castro
Rev. Alexander Padilla
Rev. Connor Penn
Rev. Louis Turcotte
Rev. Timothy Williford
Rev. Drew Woodke

Elected Retired Incardinated Priest
Rev. Msgr. Ronald Aubin, J.C.L.

Appointed Member
Rev. Craig Morley
Rev. Viet Nguyen

Ex Officio Members
Rev. Msgr. Robert Morris (Vicar General)
Very Rev. Joseph Waters, J.C.L. (Judicial Vicar)
Rev. Gary Dowsey (Chair – Priestly Growth and Enrichment Commission)
Rev. Arthur Proulx (Director of Ministry to Priests)
Very Rev. Sojan Punakkattu, V.F., Northern Deanery
Very Rev. Krzysztof Gazdowicz, V.F., East Central Deanery
Very Rev. James Ruhlin, V.F., West Central Deanery
Very Rev. Dermot Dunne, V.F., Southeast Deanery
Very Rev. Anthony Coppola, V.F., North Central Deanery
Very Rev. Leonard Plazewski, V.F., South Central Deanery
Very Rev. Leonard Piotrowski, V.F., Central Deanery
Very Rev. Emery Longanga, V.F., Southwest Deanery
Very Rev. Curtis Carro, V.F., Southern Deanery