The Clergy Personnel Board is primarily entrusted with making recommendations to the Bishop concerning the placement of newly-ordained priests and appointments of pastors and parochial vicars. Additionally, they review recommendations by pastors concerning the placement of permanent deacons and either confirm the recommendations or suggest alternative placements to be considered by the Bishop.

The current members of the Clergy Personnel Board were appointed in February 2018. Their terms continue for five years or until they are relieved of their appointments. Members include:

  • Rev. Msgr. Robert Morris, V.G., Ex Officio
  • Rev. Len Piotrowski
  • Rev. Carl Melchior
  • Rev. Richard Jankowski
  • Rev. Robert Schneider
  • Rev. John Tapp
  • Rev. Gilberto Quintero
  • Rev. Chuck Dornquast
  • Rev. Joseph Waters, J.C.L., J.V.