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Our mission is to proclaim the Gospel, invite others into the life of the Church and encounter Jesus. This takes courage! The Diocese of St. Petersburg is providing a daily Scripture reflection to help you live this mission. The reflections examine the Scripture of the day, including a question to think about in relation to your own life and a prayer intention for the day. The reflections feature a variety of writers from around the Diocese of St. Petersburg.  

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Below you will find a daily personal reflection that can also help you to be more courageous in your faith! The reflection is focused on the three priorities for Courageously Living the Gospel and is meant to help us become more mindful of how God is working through us every day.

Daily Reflection:

Thank you, God, for those who have proclaimed to me. In what ways have I proclaimed the Gospel by an act of kindness or by sharing the Word or a blessing?

Who inspired me to be closer to Jesus today? In what ways did I encourage others by listening or sharing an invitation to serve or worship when prompted by the Spirit?

How did I encounter the grace of God today in the Eucharist, an uplifting conversation or in the beauty of creation? In what ways did I give my time to truly encounter another?