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  • As we celebrate today’s Feast of the Archangels, let’s discern who exactly are these angelic figures that we revere and call upon? Rather than see angels as theatrical and gorgeous figures, we […]
  • Growing up, I was always known as the kid who wanted to be President when he grew up. Talk about striving for greatness! And even when I outgrew that aspiration and started […]
  • Sunday Gospel Reflection by Bishop Parkes: When you were a child, do you remember your Mom or Dad asking you to do something, like take out the trash, clean up your room, […]
  • Saints Cosmas and Damian, twins, were martyred circa 303 AD during the persecution by the Emperor Diocletian. Reputed physicians for their many cures who would accept no payment – they labored for […]
  • Today’s First Reading led me to reflect on the time that we have to spend on this Earth. How much of the time that has been given to us is spent stressing […]
  • During the time of polio, a very young girl affected by this horrible decease found the courage to discern a vocation as a Carmelite Sister serving the Lord. Most of her life […]
  • He had three sisters and a brother. He grew up on a farm and wasn’t able to get the education he would later need. Yet at the age of five he had […]
  • When we pray, we pause and take time to place ourselves in the presence of God. Often, we are rewarded when the Lord speaks to us in the quiet of the Scripture […]
  • The Pharisees would ask the same question about Jesus spending time with those who were unclean due to illness or in some other way “outside the law.” I’ve been so impressed by […]
  • Sunday Gospel Reflection by Bishop Parkes: If you grew up in a family with siblings, you can probably remember times when you felt that you were treated unfairly relative to your brothers […]

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