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  • Reading the stories isn’t about how amazing God worked in the early church. The book we call “Acts” isn’t meant to be a biography of the Apostles and others of the time. […]
  • Jesus is an excellent teacher who uses ordinary, familiar experiences to teach deep religious truths. Nicodemus was a "teacher of Israel” but Jesus did not choose to quote the law and prophets […]
  • If you have watched the show, The Chosen, you may be more familiar with this scene. Nicodemus is finally meeting with Jesus to ask questions about the miracles He has been doing […]
  • Sunday Gospel Reflection by Bishop Parkes: Do you believe everything you read or hear? Social media today can be a landscape of half-truths or lies, made to look like solid truth that […]
  • Some time ago, when I was beginning to participate in Pastoral Juvenil, I had the blessing of meeting an extraordinary man. His name was Margarito. He dressed and spoke very simply. At […]
  • Why does the Church do all these amazing works of charity? Why does she build all these schools and hospitals? Is it only to help the poor? Is that the end that […]
  • In today’s Gospel, two disciples tell their companions about their extraordinary experience: how in the breaking of the bread at Emmaus they recognized with their “eyes of faith” the new, transformed reality […]
  • I wonder if we’ve become desensitized to the Resurrection. The disciples on the road to Emmaus were astounded to hear that Jesus was no longer in the tomb. To be astounded requires […]
  • In today’s readings, we read the response of Jesus when He confronts a weeping Mary Magdalene outside of the tomb after His resurrection. Jesus tells Mary to go out and to spread […]
  • The joyous season of Easter is upon us! During the past 40 days we have been fasting, giving alms and repenting in order that we may prepare ourselves for the Resurrection of […]

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