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  • Sunday Gospel Reflection by Bishop Parkes: The year 2020 was a difficult year for many. Racial and political unrest and a global pandemic made it historic and memorable for all the wrong […]
  • I used to think saints were obscure people whose works did not easily relate in today’s trying times. However, today’s St. Marianne Cope, one of the newest Saints (canonized October 12, 2012), […]
  • I have thoroughly enjoyed the first half of my pastoral year at St. Catherine of Siena Parish in Largo. One of the most profound graces I’ve experienced is to witness how several […]
  • When my sons were itty bitty, we carried a “go-bag” in the trunk of the car. It had diapers, a spare outfit, extra Ninja Turtle underwear and wipes. We just left it […]
  • It doesn’t belong to me. While I may misspeak and say something like “I love my priesthood.” It is a very inaccurate statement and potentially a dangerous one. The ordained priesthood that […]
  • Years ago, in a diocese far, far away, I was involved with a number of dedicated lay people in preparing a large class of 8th and 9th graders for Confirmation. After the […]
  • Think of the holiest person you know. What makes them holy in your eyes? It’s probably the way that they forgive, the way they bestow mercy, the way they listen, their non-judgmental […]
  • Sunday Gospel Reflection by Bishop Parkes: This past week we entered into what is called Ordinary Time on the Church calendar. The word “ordinary” is typically used to describe something that is […]
  • We all have different stories about how Jesus invited us to follow Him. For some it was a specific time and place, for others it has been a long process. Some accepted […]
  • If you really pay close attention to what goes on in today’s Gospel reading, you see an inspiring example of how to live a Christian life and how we can Courageously Live […]

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