The Diocesan Catechist Certification Program is intended for those who serve as parish catechists, R.C.I.A ministers, youth ministry catechists, and other adults serving parishes in catechetical ministry.

The Catechist Certification Program is concerned with the  development of the adult faith of the catechist as well as with doctrinal content and methodology. The intention of this program is to assist the catechist in nurturing a personal relationship with God and, in turn, to do so with those that they catechize. Thus will the dimensions of formation: being, knowing and savoir-faire be realized in the catechetical ministry of the Diocese.

“The dimensions of formation: being, knowing, and savoir-faire”

“The formation of catechists is made up of different dimensions. The deepest dimension refers to the very being of the catechist, to his human and Christian dimension. Formation, above all else, must help him to mature as a person, a believer and as an apostle. This is what the catechist must know so as to be able to fulfill his responsibilities well. This dimension is permeated by the double commitment he has to the message and to man. It requires the catechist to have a sufficient knowledge of the message that he transmits and of those to whom he transmits the message and of the social context in which they live. This then is the dimension of savoir-faire, of knowing how to transmit the message, so that it is an act of communication.” {General Directory for Catechesis #238}