Our Mission

To faithfully administer and implement our insurance programs for our property, automobiles and workers compensation coverages.

To provide Risk Management services that enhances the safety of our parishes and schools.

To provide outstanding customer service by personal contact, phone or electronic means in the hopes of furthering the insurance goals of our Diocesan locations.

Below are most of the services our office can provide you and your parish.

  • Property and liability billing of premiums for building, liability, workers compensation and auto insurance coverages and policies
  • Catholic Mutual Group Member Representative available for risk management consultations
  • Risk Management Inspections of parishes and schools
  • Assistance with contract reviews with Diocesan counsel
  • Adjusting of auto claims
  • Workers Compensation seminars geared to preventing injuries to staff
  • Assistance with the issuance of certificates of insurance if proof of insurance needed for parish/school events
  • Assistance available 24/7 by phone in case of emergency
  • Risk Management Guide and Policies on Insurance Website for reference
Quick Reference Insurance Guide Last modified August 11, 2022

Quick Reference Insurance Guide

Reporting - Worker's Comp & Insurance Claims

All Insurance Claims/Accidents are reported using the appropriate form and emailing directly to the insurance carrier. Please copy the insurance office. Click box for forms and more information.

Forms & Resources

Hurricane Preparation