The Office of Youth and Young Adult Ministry made the difficult decision to cancel our annual pilgrimage to Washington, DC for the March for Life.
In the case that you were planning to attend the March for Life separate from the Youth and Young Adult Ministry Office, we would invite you to reconsider your plans. However, if you do decide to go, do not forget to turn in your paperwork to the Safe Environment Office.
Washington, DC is not the only way that we are able to be an advocate for the unborn. Instead, we invite you to consider participating in several of the options described below.

Virtual Youth Rally and March for Life

St Augustine March for Life – January 15, 2022
This offering is not as far away as DC, nor is it as expensive. This trip can be done in one day, though there are options on Friday and Sunday that would allow for a beautiful and prayerful weekend experience.
Learn more at:
Our office is not planning a Diocesan pilgrimage to St Augustine for the March for Life, but we are here to assist you in your planning! Mike Buckler will be in attendance to connect with our parishes and schools during the day. If you are considering attending or already have your plans, please email Mike to let him know.

Pro-Life Mass with Bishop Parkes
Our diocese will be offering a pro-life Mass with Bishop Parkes on Friday October 14th, 2022 at 10:00 AM at the Cathedral of St Jude.  More information will be forthcoming.

Our livestreamed Mass with Bishop Gregory Parkes can be found on our website at  and on our Facebook and YouTube pages: and