Heavenly Father,

You have entrusted us with the protection of our children, young people, and vulnerable adults.

May the Holy Spirit guide our steps as we help shepherd their paths.

May our Church leaders, teachers, parents, and those entrusted with the care, responsibility, and/or supervision of vulnerable adults, be filled with a wise and discerning spirit, fostering an environment that is embracing, instructive and safe.

Widen our hearts and perspectives to listen gently and with compassion to the experiences of those suffering, victims and potential victims of abuse, being ever mindful of the fragility and honor in safeguarding their trust.

May the Holy Spirit embolden us to speak and act judiciously, wielding the sword of truth, and may Your courage be ours as we stand in the gap on behalf of the innocent.

May we continue to grow in our own paths to holiness, ever listening to the rhythms of Your voice, ever obedient in following Your will, ever humble in our responsibility.