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Not Date Specific

Month of the Holy Eucharist

April is the month of the Holy Eucharist. May we draw closer to the Lord in the Blessed Sacrament this month through Mass and Adoration.


Spread the Word 2024

Spirit FM’s Spread the Word event helps to spread the word of hope and faith to those in need through donations from listeners. This year, for every donation of $365 or more, they will send a Bible to a prison ministry, touching the lives of those seeking guidance and redemption. Let us share the light of compassion and spirituality to those in need.

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Date Specific

April 2- Happy Birthday Bishop Parkes!

Happy Birthday, Bishop Parkes! On this special day, we offer a prayer of thanksgiving for your ministry and ask God to continue blessing you abundantly! We are grateful for your compassion, wisdom, and leadership as you shepherd the people of God in our Diocese.

April 7- Divine Mercy Sunday

This Sunday is #DivineMercySunday. Today we are reminded that God is merciful, compassionate, forgiving and understanding. May we grow in greater trust in His mercy today.


April 19- St. Gianna Beretta Molla

Today we celebrate the feast of St. Gianna Beretta Molla, a woman and doctor who chose her daughter’s life over her own as she was pregnant with her fourth child. She had steadfast trust in the Lord as she made this difficult choice. Like St. Gianna, may we make even the smallest of sacrifices for others, trusting that the Lord will lead us where He wants us to go. St. Gianna Beretta Molla, pray for us! 🙏🏼

#CourageouslyLiving #CourageousSaints

April 21- World Day of Prayer for Vocations

Today we celebrate World Day of Prayer for Vocations. Let us remember to pray for an increase in those answering the call to priesthood, religious life, and consecrated life both in our diocese and in the world.

#CourageouslyLiving #DOSPVocations

April 21- Good Shepherd Sunday

On this Good Shepherd Sunday, let us remember that the Lord guides and cares for us just as a shepherd leads and cares for his sheep. The Lord deeply knows us and lays His life down for our sake. May we grow in our trust of the Lord as we remember He is always with us and caring for us.


April 22- Earth Day

As we celebrate Earth Day today, we remember to take care of all of the beautiful things that God has created! Let us treat the Earth kindly as God calls us to care for creation and wisely use what we have been given.

#CourageouslyLiving #EarthDay

April 25- St. Mark

St. Mark was one of the four evangelists, a Gospel writer, and an Apostle of Jesus. Let us follow in his example and be steadfast in our faith and trust in the Lord and be unafraid to share the Gospel with others. St. Mark, pray for us! 🙏🏼

#CourageouslyLiving #CourageousSaints

April 27- St. Louis Marie de Montfort

St. Louis Marie de Montfort was a French priest most known for his wholehearted trust in the Lord and his devotion to Our Lady. Let us imitate his confidence in the Lord and strive for ever greater trust in both God and Mary. St. Louis Marie de Montfort, pray for us! 🙏🏼

#CourageouslyLiving #CourageousSaints

April 29- St. Catherine of Siena

St. Catherine of Siena was a member of the Dominican order and was known for being incredibly devout. She did everything she could to not draw attention to herself, even as a child, so that the focus would be on God and spent much of her time praying and advocating for the unity of the Church. May we remember to strive to be who God is calling us to be. St. Catherine of Siena, pray for us! 🙏🏼

#CourageouslyLiving #CourageousSaints

Other Content

Catholic Ministry Appeal

Click here to find materials that have been designed to assist parishes in promoting, educating and spreading the word about the 2024 Catholic Ministry Appeal. Throughout the year, more resources will be added, updated and shared with parishes.

Catholic Cemeteries

For graphics, promotional text and logos about the new Resurrection Catholic Cemetery, click here.

National Eucharistic Revival

Click here to find photos, graphics and logos to promote the National Eucharistic Revival, an initiative of the bishops of the United States to renew our devotion and belief in the Real Presence of Jesus in the Eucharist. 

Pastoral Bulletin

Click here to find announcements, graphics and information from our diocesan ministries and our parishes, schools and diocesan entities.