The Church has always been involved in advocacy for the incarcerated and in their pastoral care.  Each Diocese in the State of Florida has an office of Jail / Prison Ministry.

Our mission is to bring healing and reconciliation to the incarcerated, and the community, through God’s love and forgiveness.  We hope our ministry will influence the evolution of the corrections system towards compassion and reconciliation.  We recognize that our presence is the most effective means of touching the hearts of the incarcerated and staff of the correctional facility.

We exist to:  

  • Provide spiritual & temporal services needed by the incarcerated and their families
  • Increase community understanding of the criminal justice system, the needs of the incarcerated and their families, the needs of victims of crime and the social teachings of the Church related to criminal justice
  • Work for improvements in the criminal justice system
  • Provide post and pre release referrals to (ex) offenders and their families.

Facilities to Which We Minister


This ministry is supported by the Annual Pastoral Appeal.