Red Tent Altar Linen- This lovingly made altar linen will be used at our newest Prison Ministry Catholic service at the South St. Pete. Westcare Substance Abuse Treatment Center.  Chris R. and Team (pictured below at left) conduct a communion service for men and women court ordered into substance abuse treatment after incarceration at the Pinellas County Jail.  This... Read More
More than 567 Bibles Donated to Prison Ministries- Over 567 Bibles have been donated to Prison Ministries thanks to a Community Partner Challenge from Angels Senior Living Center and Datalink Software during Spirit FM 90.5​’s 2017 Spread the Word campaign! We are so grateful to Spirit FM’s listeners for taking up the challenge and ensuring that those imprisoned have access to the reason for... Read More
The “Reaching Out” Quilt- The “Reaching Out” Quilt  shows the outline of the hands of juveniles incarcerated at the Orient Road Jail in Tampa. Their achievements include receiving their General Education Diplomas, mentoring in math, writing, science, reading. The Diocesan Prison Ministry Success & Empowerment Program, (brainchild of volunteer Elena Zerfas), goes far beyond the regular educational system by providing life skills,... Read More