Our Mission

Prison Ministry

Matthew 25:36

…naked and you clothed me, ill and you cared for me, in prison and you visited me.’

About 100 volunteers throughout the Diocese offer their time weekly or monthly to visit the incarcerated men, women, and youth in the county jails and state facilities within the Diocese.  After being screened and approved as an authorized visitor, these ministers from our parishes offer conversation, prayer, scripture study, Liturgy of the Word, Communion Services, and Catechesis as needed within the individual facilities.  The Prison Ministry office coordinates their efforts with the various Chaplains to plan the schedules and services provided by the volunteers, who are led by area liaison.

At times the ministry extends to helping the individuals and families of those released from incarceration to find food, shelter, and gainful employment.  We communicate with and work with the local agencies established to guide them along their journey to rehabilitation.

We know that this ministry has helped guide those who have been touched by the many volunteers to continue exploring and experiencing the faith they encountered while incarcerated.  It is our hope that the presence of this ministry will influence the evolution of the corrections system, both those incarcerated and those working within the system, towards compassion and reconciliation.

Facilities In Which We Minister


Post-Incarceration Resources

The Order of Malta Pen Pal Program

This ministry is supported through gifts to the Catholic Ministry Appeal.