Before an employee, a covered volunteer, or service provider, which includes but not limited to, a Type- 1 vendor/contractor/licensee, or Memo of Understanding  (MOU) personnel, or consultant can be allowed to be employed by, contracted with or entered into a business relationship with the diocese or serve in any position with the Diocese of St. Petersburg or to have unsupervised access to children, youth, or vulnerable adults, compliance with background screening and Safe Environment training shall be required. The following minimum standards are established as a prerequisite to service. The employee, volunteer, or service provider  must not have been found to have committed to include entering into a pre-trial diversion program, nor have been found guilty of, regardless of adjudication or entered plea of nolo contendere or guilty to any offense (or attempt or conspiracy there under) under any of the following provisions of the Florida Statutes or under any similar statute of another jurisdiction.

  1. Section 393.135, relating to sexual misconduct with certain developmentally disabled clients and reporting of such sexual misconduct.
  1. Section 391.4593, relating to sexual misconduct with certain mental health patients and reporting of such sexual misconduct.
  1. Section 409.20, relating to Medicaid provider fraud.
  1. Section 409.201, relating to Medicaid fraud
  1. For employees or employers licensed or registered pursuant to chapter 400 or chapter 429, does not have a confirmed report of abuse, neglect, or exploitation as defined in 415.102(6), which has been uncontested or upheld under 415.103
  1. Does not have a confirmed report of abuse, neglect or exploitation as defined in section 39.01 which has been upheld under section 415.103.
  1. Section 415.111, relating to adult abuse, neglect, or exploitation of aged persons or disabled adults.
  1. Section 741.28, relating to domestic violence
  1. Section 741.30, Domestic violence; relating to injunction; powers and duties of court and clerk; petition; notice and hearing; temporary injunction; issuance of injunction; statewide verification system; enforcement.
  1. Section 782.05, relating to murder.
  1. Section 782.07, relating to manslaughter, aggravated manslaughter of an elderly person or disabled adult or aggravated manslaughter of a child.
  1. Section 782.071, relating to vehicular homicide.
  1. Section 782.09, relating to killing of an unborn child by injury to the mother.
  1. Section 784, relating to assault, battery, culpable negligence


  1. Section 784.011, relating to assault, if the victim of the offense was a minor
  1. Section 784.021, relating to aggravated assault for any victim.
  1. Section 784.03, relating to battery, if the victim of the offense was a minor or Section 784.045 relating to aggravated battery for any victim.
  1. Section 784.07, relating to assault or battery of law enforcement officers, firefighters, emergency medical care providers, public transit employees or agents, or other specified officers.
  1. Section 784.075, relating to battery on a detention or commitment facility staff.
  1. Section 787.01, relating to kidnapping.
  1. Section 787.02, relating false imprisonment; false imprisonment of child under age 13, aggravating circumstances.
  1. Section 787.025, relating to luring or enticing a child.
  1. Section 787.04(2) or (3), relating to taking, enticing or removing a child beyond the state limits with criminal intent pending custody proceedings or to avoid producing a child at a custody hearing.
  1. Section 790.115(1) or (2)(b), relating to exhibiting firearms or weapons within 1,000 feet of a school or possessing an electric weapon or device, destructive device or other weapon on school property.
  1. Section 794.011, relating to sexual battery.
  1. Section 794.041, relating to prohibited acts of persons in familial or custodial authority.
  1. Section 794.05 relating to sexual activity with certain minors.
  1. Section 794.08, relating to sexual battery.
  1. Chapter 796, relating to prostitution.
  1. Section 798.02, relating to lewd and lascivious behavior.
  1. Chapter 800, relating to lewdness and indecent exposure.
  1. Section 806.01, relating to arson.
  1. Section 810.02, relating to burglary.
  1. Section 810.14, relating to voyeurism.
  1. Section 810.145, relating to video voyeurism.
  1. Section 812 relating to theft, robbery, and related crimes.
  1. Section 817.034 relating to the Florida Communications Fraud Act.
  1. Section 817.505, relating to patient brokering.
  1. Section 817.563, relating to fraudulent sale of controlled substances, only if the offense was a felony.
  1. Section 817.60, relating to obtaining credit cards through fraudulent means.
  1. Section 817.61, relating to fraudulent use of credit cards.
  1. Section 815.568, relating to criminal use of personal information.
  1. Section 825.102, relating to abuse, aggravated abuse, or neglect of an elderly person or disabled adult.
  1. Section 825.1025, relating to lewd or lascivious offenses committed upon or in the presence of an elderly person or disabled adult.
  1. Section 825.103, relating to exploitation of an elderly person or disabled adult, if the offense was a felony.
  1. Section 825.04, relating to incest.
  1. Section 827.03, relating to child abuse, aggravated child abuse, or neglect of a child.
  1. Section 827.04, relating to contributing to the delinquency or dependency of a child.
  1. Section 827.05, relating to negligent treatment of children.
  1. Section 827.071, relating to sexual performance by a child.
  1. Section 831.01, relating to forgery.
  1. Section 831.02 relating to uttering forged instruments.
  1. Section 831.07, relating to forging bank bills, check, drafts, or promissory notes.
  1. Section 831.09, relating to uttering forged bills, checks, drafts, or notes.
  1. Section 831.30, relating to fraud in obtaining medicinal drugs.
  1. Section 831.31, relating to counterfeit controlled substance; sale, manufacture, delivery, or possession with intent to sell, manufacture, or deliver.
  1. Section 843.01, relating to resisting arrest with violence.
  1. Section 843.025 relating to depriving law enforcement, correctional, or correctional probation officer means of protection or communication.
  1. Section 843.12 or 843.13, relating to aiding in an escape or in the escape of juvenile inmates.
  1. Chapter 847, relating to obscene literature.
  1. Section 874.05, relating to encouraging or recruiting another to join criminal gang.
  1. Chapter 893, relating to drug abuse prevention and control, only if the offense was a felony or if any other person involved in the offense was a minor.
  1. Section 916.1075, relating to sexual misconduct with certain forensic clients and reporting of such sexual misconduct.
  1. Section 943.0435(1)(a)d.1, relating to listing on the sexual offender list.
  1. Section 944.35(3), relating to inflicting cruel or inhuman treatment on an inmate resulting in great bodily harm.
  1. Section 944.40 relating to escapes.
  1. Section 944.46, relating to harboring, concealing, or aiding an escaped prisoner.
  1. Section 944.47, relating to introduction of contraband into a correctional facility.
  1. Section 985.701, relating to sexual misconduct in juvenile justice programs
  1. Section 985.711, relating to contraband introduced into detention facilities.