Activities and Ideas for Use in the Classroom

What Works Clearinghouse

Free worksheets and printable activities for grades K-3

ABCTeach: printable handouts, flashcards, and more

Best Practices for the Content Area

Center for Instruction

Area Education Agency 267: Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment

Federal Resources for Educational Excellence

Better Ways to Supplement Class Assignments

Center for Digital Storytelling

Suggestions for ways to use Google tools in the classroom.

Google for Educators: Classroom Activities

Time Saving Strategies for Preparing Lesson Plans/ Organization and Time-Saving Tips/ Ideas/Techniques that Work for Others

NCRTEC Lesson Planner

NEA’s Works4Me

Templates for Teachers

Best Practice with Cooperative Learning

Classroom Compass: Cooperative Learning

Jigsaw Learning

Collaborative learning

Ideas for Aiding Retention of New Concepts

Repeated test-taking better for retention than repeated studying, research shows

The dreaded pop quiz

Retention Rates and Learning Styles

Cross-Cultural Activities

Culturally-Responsive Teaching

Center for Culturally-Responsive Teaching and Learning

NEA Today: Culturally-Responsive Teaching

Speaker Ideas:

Center for Culturally-Responsive Teaching and Learning: School Site Seminars

Hands-on activities across the curriculum

A Side of Sims: Simulations in the Classroom

Exploratorium – Hands-on Activities

Jefferson Lab – Hands-on Activities (Intermediate grades)

Windows to the Universe (science, Intermediate grades)

Sharing “what works” with others

Share Best Practices Handbook


Developmentally Appropriate Practices

Developmentally Appropriate Practice in Early Childhood Programs Serving Children from Birth through Age 8: National Association for the Education of Young Children


Developmentally Appropriate Programs

Speaker Ideas:

Read, Play, and Learn: An Integrated, Developmentally-Appropriate Curriculum for Young Children

Accelerated Learning Strategies

Accelerated Learning

International Alliance for Learning: The Professional Organization for Accelerated Learning


Practices to Help Stimulate Gifted Students

Are We Failing Our Geniuses? Time Aug. 16, 2007,9171,1653653,00.html

Gifted Sources

Gifted Education: USF College of Education

Gifted Education: Tampa Area Resources

Appropriate and Effective Differentiation Strategies/Best Practices

Differentiated Instruction: Education World

National Conference on Differentiated Instruction
Past speakers:

Best ways to work with special needs students

Current Practice Alerts w/Focus on Teaching Students with Learning Disabilities

Center on Instruction: Special Education

Inclusion strategies

Inclusion Sites

Best practices for ESE readers

ESE Module Links


Strategies for Developing Early Reading and Writing Skills

Florida Center for Reading Research

Reading Research on

StoryPlace Preschool Library

CIERA: Center for the Improvement of Early Reading Achievement

Big Ideas for Beginning Reading

Speaker Ideas:

Florida Center for Reading Research faculty and associates

Heinemann Resources

Daily Oral Language Strategies

Excellence in Elementary Editing: offers alternatives to daily oral language activities

Phonetic Strategies

Whole-to-Parts Phonics Instruction: Teaching Letter-Sound Correspondences

Phonemic Awareness in Beginning Reading

Phonological Awareness Resources

Phonics Instruction: One of the 5 Big Ideas in Reading

Speaker Ideas:

Reading First Staff

Up-to-date Spelling Strategies

Strategies for Spelling Development

Spelling – Teaching Spelling – Spelling Rules

Vocabulary Strategies

Vocabulary in Beginning Reading

Speaker Ideas:

Teaching for Comprehending & Fluency Grades K-8

Writing Strategies

National Writing Project

Read Write Think

National Council of English Teachers: Consultants

Newspaper Strategies

St. Petersburg Times: Newspaper in Education

Newseum Teacher Resources

New York Times Resources for Teachers/Learners

Stories with related lesson plans

Best Practices: Improve Student Comprehension Skills

Graphic Organizers for Reading Comprehension

Guided Comprehension: Knowing How Words Work Using Semantic Feature Analysis

Scaffolding Comprehension Strategies Using Graphic Organizers

Reading Comprehension Connection: online quizzes in comprehension and usage

Speaker Ideas:

Best Practices and Lessons for Teaching Library Skills


Young Adult Library Services, Collections, and Programs: Best Practices in Young Adult Services in Texas Libraries

LOEX: Teaching Resources

Teacher Librarian: The Journal for School Library Professionals

Active Learning and Library Instruction

ALA Library Instruction Round Table Library Instruction Tutorials

The Big 6 Information Skills for Student Achievement

Ban Those Bird Units! 15 Models for Teaching and Learning in Information-rich and Technology-rich Environments

Strategies for literacy

Research about Effective Literacy Instruction

Reading Strategies – Students Interactions with Text

Issues in Literacy: International Reading Association Reports (links to reports)

Strategies for reading comprehension

Effective Practices for Developing Reading Comprehension

Reading Comprehension and Vocabulary Instructional Strategies

Decoding and Word Recognition

Comprehension Strategies

Learning to Learn: Developing Reading Comprehension Modules 1-4

Best practices in improving student reading

Reading Strategies Metasite

Great Web Resources of the Clearinghouse on Reading, English, and Communication

Center on Instruction: Reading

Best practices in intermediate grade reading programs

Reading Across the Curriculum

Literacy and Learning: Reading in the Content Areas

Adolescent Literacy Resources – Online Articles

Fostering High Levels of Reading and Learning in Secondary Students

Strategies for increasing motivation for reading

Motivational Techniques for Improving Reading Comprehension

Contexts for Engagement and Motivation in Reading

Strategies for struggling readers

Center on Instruction: Interventions for Adolescent Struggling Readers

Internet Resources to Assist Teachers with Struggling Readers

Current methods for guided reading

Guided Reading: a case study

Strategies for encouraging reading outside of school

Motivating Kids to Read (for parents)

Learning Tips: Reading and more

ALA Tips for Encouraging Reading

Best practices in improving student writing

Paragraph-a-Week Program

Best practices in improving student speaking

Student Public Speaking

Teaching English

Strategies for teaching languages

What We Can Learn from Foreign Language Teaching in Other Countries

Content Strategies for Foreign Language (with links)

Note-taking: mapping strategies


Self-contained teaching strategies

Tools for Reading, Writing, and Thinking


Self-motivation strategies

Tools for Teaching – Motivating Students

Major Principles – Self Directed Learning (SDL)

Coaching practices

Cognitive Coaching

Strategies for teaching the Scriptures

The Use of Scripture in the Teaching of Religious Education (check TOC in Thesis)

Your Best Bible Teaching Ideas

Computer ideas/sites

Best Practice – Cooperative Groups at the Computer

Teaching in a Computer Lab

Internet4Classroom – Grade Level Skills

Computation Ideas and Strategies

Computational Skills: E-Learning of Mental Math and Arithmetic Operations

Fostering Multiplicative Thinking Using Array-Based Materials

Spreadsheet Generalising and Paper and Pencil Generalising

Thinking Through Three Worlds of Mathematics

Disciplined Calculators or Flexible Problem Solvers?


authentic assessment

pbs misunderstood minds

Edutopia—stories about exemplary practices

What Works Clearinghouse

Educator’s Reference Desk

From the Information Institute of Syracuse, offers resource guides and lesson plans by subject and provides a place to search GEM and ERIC

Infinite Thinking Machine

Blog “to show how todays digital tools impact learning”


Center for 21st Century Teaching Excellence

Heinemann authors/speakers


National Catholic Education Association

Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development

MENC: National Organization for Music Education

Arts Edge/Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts

National Council for Teachers of Mathematics

National Math and Science Initiative

National Science Teachers Association

National Council of Teachers of English

National Council for Social Studies

American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages

American Alliance for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance

Society for Information Technology and Teacher Education

International Society for Technology in Education

National Catholic Partnership on Disability


Teacher Education Institute


INTEL Teach Program

Staff Development for Educators

The Partnership for 21st Century Skills

Catapult Learning