Choosing a Catholic education is a decision that will last a lifetime. Not only are our students immersed in a system of education that is rooted in the teachings of Christ, but they receive a superior academic experience that develops the whole child.

Our schools work diligently to ensure that the best educational practices are employed in our schools. Teachers participate in professional development opportunities to consistently expand their teaching skills to allow them to enhance their curriculum offerings.

  • The student/teacher ratio in Catholic schools is 14:1. (NCEA)
  • 99% of Catholic students, who attend Catholic high school, graduate. Of those, 88% attend 4-year colleges. (NCEA)
  • Students in our Catholic schools consistently perform above the national average at all levels on the Iowa Assessment, a nationally recognized norm-referenced standardized assessment. By the time students are in the 8th grade, they are scoring about three years above their grade level on average in English language arts, and mathematics.
  • Catholic Schools save the state of Florida $467 million and nationally more than $20.5 billion annually.

Providing a superior quality education that is rooted in the teachings of Jesus Christ is the focus of all our Catholic schools and centers. The Diocese of St. Petersburg has faith in the future of our students and our schools.

(NCEA= national Center for Education Statistics)