Each year with the onset of the cold and flu season it is important that parishes consistently communicate the importance of good health practices at Mass.  The following information could be used in parish bulletins, adapted as pulpit announcements, or placed in public restrooms and in liturgical ministry rooms.  (Last reviewed: February 1, 2020)

Best Practices Resources

Holy Communion and the Flu

Health Reminders for Mass

Buenas prácticas de salud para la Misa

Health Reminders for Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion

Buenas prácticas de salud para los ministros extraordinarios de la sagrada Comunión

Centers for Disease Control

Influenza and the Liturgy – USCCB

High Risk or Vulnerable Children and Adults

High Risk or Vulnerable Children and Adults might consider receiving Holy Communion in the hand, refraining from the Communion cup and, perhaps, refraining from the handshake at the sign of peace during the cold and flu season.

Holy Communion from the Cup

The privilege to receive Holy Communion from the cup is left to the individual communicant; therefore, individuals should keep this in mind before receiving, i.e. do not receive if you are feeling sick or if you are at risk for infection.

Above all else, if you are not feeling well please stay home!  IT IS NOT A SIN!