New Lectionary for Mass Supplement - The Secretariat of Divine Worship of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops has approved the ritual additions of the Lectionary for Mass Supplement produced by three liturgical publishers.  This new addition is now available and may be used immediately upon purchase.  The publishers of the Supplement, and their editions are: Catholic Book Publishing Co. (, 877-228-2665)... Read More
Lent-Easter 2017 - The season of Lent begins March 1, 2017 with Ash Wednesday.  Through its twofold themes of repentance and baptism, the season of Lent disposes both the catechumens (i.e. the unbaptized) and the baptized faithful to celebrate the Paschal Mystery of Christ (i.e. his death, resurrection and ascension into heaven). The Easter season begins with the Great... Read More
Workshops on “Training-the-Trainers” for Communion Ministers to the Sick - A change has been made to the diocesan Safe Environment Program (SEP) for those who bring Holy Communion to the homebound, to nursing homes, hospitals, and assisted living facilities.  The SEP training for vulnerable adults will now be completed online.  However, this online SEP training for vulnerable adults does not include the component for training Communion ministers in the use of  the Catholic Church’s... Read More