10 Guardian Angels Middle school students receive Award

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Each year, Raytheon’s MathMovesU® awards 150 middle school students nationwide $1,000 scholarships to attend math and science camps and programs, or to save the money for college. Raytheon also donates a $1,000 matching grant to each winning student’s middle school for their math program.


Guardian Angels Catholic School began participating in this program in 2012.  Since then, students in Mrs. Deeley’s middle grades math classes have earned a total of $68,000 in grant money, students $34,000/classroom $34,000.  With this money, Mrs. Deeley has been able to purchase curriculum, technology, supplies, and much more to benefit all middle school students for years to come.

The MathMovesU project requires students to submit a powerpoint presentation related to a given prompt posted annually on the MathMovesU website.  Students are to communicate their perspective about how math as well as science are involved with the given prompt by researching math and science related concepts and communicating in the most creative way possible.

This project offers the opportunity for interdisciplinary lessons and activities by bridging science and math.  It also integrates technology in use of Powerpoint and research engines.

This year, out of the 150 possible scholarships awarded, 10 of the Guardian Angels Middle school students received this award.