2017 Annual Report Released

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December 15, 2017 – Last year, our generous donors provided almost $10 million support our diocesan ministries and services through the Annual Pastoral Appeal. In addition, special gifts were made to support special projects through the Forward in Faith Campaign. Just as each person must be accountable, the Church must also be accountable to our donors for the gifts provided, and show how those gifts were utilized to impact lives for Christ.

In the online edition of the 2017 Annual Report, Most Rev. Gregory Parkes states, “Accountability demonstrates organizational responsibility and transparency, and shows our people that the gifts they have entrusted to us are being well-utilized to carry out the work of Christ. Donations to diocesan ministries, services and programs serve thousands of people, truly changing lives for Christ.”

Click here to view the online version of the 2017 Annual Report, download the print version, and view our ministry clips.