2018 Election & Political Activities Guide is Available

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As Catholics, we are called to carry the values of the Gospel and the teachings of our Church into the public square. As citizens of the United States, we have a duty to participate in the framing and the debate of public issues and in the selection of those who occupy positions of civic leadership. These dual responsibilities to faith and citizenship are at the heart of what it means to be a Catholic in a free and democratic nation.

The 2018 Election & Political Activities Guide, approved by the bishops of Florida, is intended to encourage Catholic clergy and laity to facilitate the involvement of their faith communities in appropriate election-related activities.

To view and download the 2018 Election & Political Activitie Guide, click here.

These activities are designed to increase parishioner interest in the policy issues that will characterize this election year’s debate, to focus their attention on candidate positions, and encourage them to exercise their right to vote.

Questions and requests for guidance on these and other election-related
issues should be directed to:
Florida Conference of Catholic Bishops
201 W. Park Avenue
Tallahassee, FL 32301
Phone: (850) 222-3803
Email: info@flaccb.org