People today are inundated with messages from so many sources. To help your messages be heard and responded to, it’s essential that messages be repeated consistently and integrated into all of your communication channels (i.e. social media, website, email, advertising, announcements, etc.)

Whenever possible, integrate the priorities of Courageously Living the Gospel into your messaging:

Proclaim the Good News – This means knowing and sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Quote Scripture, pray with Scripture and make it a prominent part of everything you do.

Invite People to a Life in Christ – Be intentional about welcoming and accompanying people as Jesus did. Look for ways to invite new people into your ministry and help them to feel welcome.

Encounter People and Jesus Christ Through Prayer, Community and Communion – This is how we grow in relationship to Jesus Christ and one another. Celebrate community and intentionally foster an encounter that involves true understanding and friendship.

Here are Seven Steps to Effectively Communicate a Message.

Once you have a message to share, be sure to follow the C.O.D.E. method.

Create Once Distribute Everywhere

This means, your communication is repurposed for all your channels: online, print, social media, etc.