How often do you look at the signage around your parish? Signs create a powerful and immediate impact on people and express your image.

One way the effectiveness of your signs can be checked is by having someone who is not familiar with your parish or school drive by or walk through the grounds to critique existing signs and the need for new ones.

Look at your signs through the eyes of a first-time visitor to determine if their placement is helpful to guests. Also, think about the names you assign to buildings and green space. Do the names relate to our faith, saints and traditions?  Use the following checklist to determine if your signage needs to be updated, relocated or otherwise improved.

Exterior Signs:

  • Are your signs faded and weathered? Does your main exterior sign need replacement or repainting? Can you add a message board or graphics? If traffic patterns have changed, does the sign need to be moved or enlarged? Does landscaping obscure the sign with overgrown trees and shrubs? Shrubbery or flowers can improve the appearance of a sign. Tall bushes can hide unpleasant backgrounds of signage.
  • Do your signs effectively guide individuals through your grounds?
  • Do your signs represent your parish? Are the colors and graphics unified?
  • Do your signs create a welcoming environment? Do you have spaces reserved for visitor parking? Are they situated next to important buildings and centrally located, or do you reserve the best spots for staff? Are parking spaces for people with disabilities clearly marked?
  • Are the fonts the same? Are they coordinated? Are the words all capital letters or upper and lower case?
  • Could the signs be more effective if positioned higher, lower or moved to another location?
  • Are all buildings identified? Do you have signage for temporary buildings, youth centers or newly constructed buildings? Consider adding signs to nearby streets to direct newcomers to your parish.
  • Do the signs match your décor and architecture of your building(s)?
  • Is your church name and are Mass times prominently displayed
  • Are your grounds and buildings large enough to warrant “you are here” floor plans?

Interior Signs: Interior signs can be defined as directional, room or floor plan maps. Are they visible and effective in their current location or better moved to another area? Is there enough light to make the sign visible?