Make Information Easy to Find and Read

People will be seeking information online 24/7 and it is in your interest to keep people up to date. Websites allow you to show how our churches are dynamic places where people live out their faith in communion with one another, participate in the Sacraments to receive God’s graces and grow in relationship with Christ, participate in small Christian communities, outreach projects, social justice activities and much more! Here are some tips to have a professional and effective website. Also view, website/social media tips.

  • Websites should convey a welcoming message to people who are interested in learning more about your parish. Here are two great examples: and
  • Websites should be mobile responsive. Recent statistics show digital media time in the U.S. is now 51% on mobile devices compared to 42% on desktop computers.
  • Content on your website should be current and updated at least once a week.
  • Break up long narratives with headers, images and/or graphics to make it more readable.
  • Font colors and sizes are important. Use a common type font, such as Arial or Verdana, and avoid fancy fonts that are difficult to read. Font size 14 is a good choice.
  • When choosing website colors, less is more. If you use too many colors your website will look unprofessional. It is best to design your website using pastel and earth tone colors. The main background color should be a light color and the text color should be dark.
  • If you need assistance developing a new website or revising your current site, contact,