The Communications staff prepares and distributes statements, news releases and other resources for the media, arranges interviews with Bishop Gregory Parkes, responds to media inquiries, and credentials press for major diocesan events. Media inquiries should be directed to Teresa Peterson via email at

When submitting an interview request, news organizations should include the name of the media outlet, the focus and topic of the news report, a list of questions, any relevant deadline information,  and any other pertinent background to assist with the request.

Covering Diocesan Events
Reporters and photographers are welcome to cover celebrations of the Mass and diocesan events, but we ask that you notify the Office of Communications in advance so that we may assist you and provide proper clearance from the pastor in charge. Photography and videotaping are permitted inside the church during Mass, but no flashes, please. We ask photographers and videographers to stay a respectable distance from the altar, and not to stand in the space between the sanctuary and the congregation. We also ask that you respect the privacy of individuals receiving Communion. Please direct questions to Teresa Lantigua Peterson, Executive Director of Communications (see contact information above).

Resources for Covering the Mass and the Catholic Church
How to Cover the Catholic Church, produced by the Office of Media Relations for the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB), is a useful resource for any news personnel covering the church, whether it is on the local level (diocese), national level (USCCB) and the Vatican. The publication includes a glossary of terms and resources. For more information about covering the Catholic Church, please contact Teresa Peterson (see contact information above).

How to Cover the Mass, produced by the Office of Media Relations for the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB), describes the various parts of the liturgy, explains ceremonies therein, and defines terms so that the media can accurately describe events for those who follow their coverage.

The Mass is at the heart of the Catholic Church. It conveys the depth of Catholic theology, especially in the Eucharist, which is at its center. Rich in symbolism, the Mass provides a deeply sacred moment for those who participate in it, and sometimes for those who merely observe it. The Office of Media Relations for the USCCB developed this resource to assist the media in their important work covering the Church at prayer.  The Mass is public prayer, yet on many occasions, it is also a news event. Journalists can be found, for example, at an ordination or installation of a bishop, at a wedding or a funeral of a noted personality, at a gathering of people meeting about church concerns, or to commemorate a special occasion in society.