What: Good Friday, today March 30, is the day when Christians recall the death of Jesus Christ, referred to as the Lord’s Passion.

Where: Media are invited to cover Good Friday at St. Lawrence Catholic Church, 5225 N Himes Ave, Tampa

When: March 30, Good Friday

11:30 am Outdoor Living Stations of the Cross- Dramatic Presentation Recalling the death of Jesus Christ
3:00 pm, Good Friday Service

Why:  Good Friday is a sober day in the Church year. The altar is bare, without cloths, candles or cross. There is no Mass on this day. It is a day of fasting. There are no greetings, genuflections, opening songs, or processions.

Catholics gather to listen to Scripture, venerate the cross, walk the Stations of the Cross, reflect on the sacrifice of Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of sins

In the Veneration of the Cross, a large cross is brought forward, unveiled and presented to the congregation. The faithful come forward to kiss or touch this instrument of torture. The practice of venerating the cross is an act of gratitude to Christ, who turned the wood of the cross an instrument of torture, into the means of our redemption and a sign of God’s infinite love. When we come forward to venerate the cross, we bring all the pain, hurt and suffering in our lives and unite them to the sufferings of Jesus.