There are many opportunities to stay connected with your faith through social media channels operated by various ministries of the Diocese of St. Petersburg. We encourage all ministry leaders, clergy, diocesan staff, and parishioners to follow diocesan accounts to stay informed of important and interest happenings across our diocese. Click here to view our diocesan Social Communications policy.

Also, we incorporate unique diocesan hashtags in our social media posting and encourage you to do so as well. That way we can find your posts and you can find our posts! Whenever you add one of our unique diocesan hashtags to your post, it’s able to be indexed by the social network and becomes searchable/discoverable. We regularly view these hashtags: #DOSP #DOSPpriests, #DOSPseminarians, #DOSPdeacons, #DOSPschools, #DOSPLent, #DOSPChristmas, #DOSPAdvent, etc.

To share photos and activities of your faith life, your parish and your school with the Diocese of St. Petersburg, use the hashtag #DOSP or email us at

Photos that include minors must have parental consent.

Here is an overview of our social media accounts:


X (Formerly Twitter):