From Frazzled to Focused

Posted inMaking Space for Grace

On my smart phone, I have access to two email accounts, two calendars, text messaging, What’s App, and news apps. These tools can help me to remember appointments, even birthdays, and stay in touch with colleagues, family and friends. However, these tools can also prevent me from what Cal Newport calls “Deep Work” or long periods of uninterrupted thinking that helps us to learn difficult tasks and create excellent ideas.

Parents of young children might also be challenged to find long periods of “uninterrupted thinking.” However, the author says the time we invest in deep work is critical to our overall success in our careers. But as a person of faith, even more important than “Deep Work” is “Deep Prayer.”  Our relationship with God is the most important relationship of our lives.

Jesus Christ is the source of all of goodness and grace, hope and peace. By finding time for deep prayer without interruptions, we can soak up God’s grace and goodness.  This requires silence, an openness to listen to God’s voice and to share your heart. Your family will be blessed by the time you spend in deep prayer focused on the Lord and less frazzled.